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Rationalizing Quintin Berry and Small Sample Sizes

Do you know what’s more ridiculous than Quintin Berry’s 5-for-5 day on Sunday? People who think the moon landing was faked are more ridiculous. People who insure themselves in case they are abducted by aliens are more ridiculous. But that’s about it. What Quintin Berry did with his spot start on Sunday afternoon was completely […]

Miguel Cabrera requires assistance from team's towel boy, Alex Avila. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Doug Fister Returns Triumphantly and Tigers Do Just Enough to Win Game

Baseball is a funny game. The Tigers left sixteen men on base, but still managed to do enough and come away with a 4-1 win. Doug Fister returned from his latest D.L. stint and pitched six strong innings; he allowed only three hits, no runs, one walk and six strikeouts. Fister also managed to nab […]

Our long national nightmare is over! Doug Fister hath returned!

Game 65: Rockies (25-38) @ Tigers (30-34), Corner Unturned?

Last night, following the Rockies’ extra innings beatdown of José Valverde, the Tigers optioned Matt Young and Casey Crosby to Toledo. Doug Fister was activated off the disabled list and Thad Weber was recalled, presumably to hold a spot in the meantime as the Tigers don’t need a fifth starter for a few more days. […]

tickle me elmo

Rockies Throw Beer Keg at Closer, Jose Valverde Forgets What He’s Doing, Loses Game

There isn’t exactly a budding rivalry between the Colorado Rockies and the Detroit Tigers. Even using both of those team names in the same sentence feels odd. Like putting peanut butter and jelly on a hotdog. You don’t see it often. It’s just weird. But here there we had it. It was Friday, June 15, […]

Game 64: Rockies (24-38) @ Tigers (30-33) Cheap Shots

Game 64: Rockies (24-38) @ Tigers (30-33) Cheap Shots

For any and all questions about the series please click here. You’ll click that if you know what’s good for you. For any and all questions regarding the Giants and Mariners series, click here. If you are at all entertained by bloggers blogging about fake blogging wars, that preview is for you. Lineups after the […]

Tigers Could Find Themselves Enjoying that Cold Taste of the Rockies this Weekend

Fresh off a pair of successful ventures to Cincinnati and Chicago, the Tigers find themselves coming home with a 4-2 record over the last six games. This is significant. You may find yourself asking yourself, “Okay, Josh. Why is this significant?” as you slowly pet your favorite Tiger plush toy. Well, I’ll tell you. Especially […]


Justin Verlander Finally Wins a Baseball Game

Do you remember May 18th? If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t, and definitely not off the top of your head, because once they’re gone most days tend to blend together. I’ve always been concerned with this phenomenon and I’d like to expand on it more, but I can’t. As Jim Leyland likes to […]

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