Game 70: Tigers (34-35) at Pirates (36-32), 7:05pm

The Tigers are in Pittsburgh for their final interleague series of the year against their despised rival Pittsburgh, with whom they apparently share a blood feud. The Tigers have won four consecutive series and are looking to start their efforts to make it five on the right foot with Doug Fister on the mound. Lineups […]

Berrymania Lives On! And Some Other Stuff Happened Too.

Berrymania Lives On! And Some Other Stuff Happened Too.

Quintin Berry was 0-4 with two strikeouts prior to his final at bat of the game. The young outfielder had the hopes of an entire city riding on his shoulders, weighing on his mind. Could he come through? Could he throw off the 0-4 yoke and send Tigers fans into a dizzy, gleeful delirium on […]

Chris Carpenter Reincarnates Lifeless Jake Westbrook, Dominates Tigers for 9 Merciless Innings

Does anyone remember that scene from X-Men: The Last Stand (the third movie, for those of you keeping count at home) where Charles Xavier/Professor X talks about placing the mind of someone into another person’s otherwise lifeless body, then (spoiler alert!) appearing to do so himself after the credits? If not, check the video after […]

Justin Verlander, Bats Exorcise The Cardinals

When the Tigers lost Game 5 of the 2006 World Series, I sobbed on the shoulder of a security guard at the Detroit airport where I watched the final outs of the Tigers’ unforgettable season because I was flying in for a potential Game 6. (Yeah, I know; that’s not wholly relevant.) In that game, rookie Justin […]

Evaluating the Trade Market: Second Base

With the trade deadline just over a month away, fans and front offices alike have turned to full-fledged trade talk. The Tigers have a few glaring needs – and we’ll be looking at corner outfielders and starting pitching, but first, the biggest need of all – second base. First thing we have to do is […]

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