Game 83 Lineups and Comments: Twins (35-46) @ Tigers (40-42)

Can the Tigers get themselves a split in this series? If Rick Porcello pitches like he has in his last three starts, they have a good chance. He was especially brilliant in his last start with seven shutout innings against the Rays. If there is one slightly puzzling aspect about this roll it’s that he’s […]

it's the second half ryan

Game 82 Lineups and Comments: Twins (35-45) @ Tigers (39-42)

Say what you want about the Tigers first half of the season. Say what you want about obligatory numbers. Part two of the Detroit Tigers 2012 journey begins this evening. Justin Verlander takes the mound against a Twins team that has won four straight in Comerica Park. Huh? Don’t shoot the messenger. Thank him for […]

Congratulations Detroit, You’ve Successfully Completed One Half of Baseball. Now Here Are Your Stats.

Busy day outside of the blogging world so I’ll just post the first half numbers and we can all come to the same conclusion. Kinda not pretty. 81 Total games played. 39-42, Third Place A.L. Central, 4.5 games out of first place. 39-42 Pythagorean W-L 356 runs scored, 367 runs against, -11 run differential First […]

wet mess

Tigers Forget to Look at Standings, Don’t Realize Twins Are Still in Last Place, Lose

The last game of the first half of the 2012 regular season was not quite as dramatic as the first game of the first half of the 2012 regular season. First of all, the first game of the season didn’t start an hour and a half after the scheduled start time. Of course, the first […]

Tigers’ DH Situation Begs For Solutions – But Not Jim Thome, Apparently

Think back, for a moment, to last night’s 6-4 defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Twins. The Tigers’ incumbent designated hitter and established number five hitter Delmon Young came up three times with runners in scoring position. He popped out with the bases loaded the first time, drove in a run with a sac […]

Not Quite .500 Days of Summer

Not Quite .500 Days of Summer

What do you type when you haven’t written a published word on the site with any substance in roughly two weeks? Rubber Chicken. That’s what you type. Reasoning? A)     It means nothing. B)      It’s funny The last time I wrote, before a business trip and a vacation took hold of my internetting abilities, the Tigers […]

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