Justin Verlander to the Rescue…Again!

Really, that could be the headline for almost every Justin Verlander start. I guess some people were worried about him after his poor All-Star showing. I wasn’t one of them, but he proved all those doubters wrong. It looked to me like his curveball was a big weapon for him on Sunday afternoon, which would […]

Game 89: Tigers (45-43) @ Orioles (46-41)

After last night’s craziness, I’m sure we could all use a nice Verlander Day to settle everything down again. Technically, his last outing was his All-Star start in which he got shelled, but as he pointed out, he wasn’t pitching with his usual strategy or mindset. His last regular-season start was a brilliant complete game […]

THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT HAPPENED OK. (photoshop by Alexandra Simon)

Tigers Don’t Find the Charm City All That Charming

DOOM! PANIC! SEASON OVER! SCHERZER IS BAD AGAIN! VALVERDE AND BENOIT ARE GARBAGE! THE SIX GAME WINNING STREAK IS OVER!! EXISTENCE HAS NO MEANING! Now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems . . . Yeah. The Tigers dropped a tough one to Baltimore in extra innings today, 8-6. Multiple relievers blew late leads […]

Miguel Cabrera punishes baseballs. (Getty Images/Daylife.com)

Baltimore Orioles Can’t Resist the Fist, Miguel Cabrera Abuses Baseballs

Doug Fister looked more like the Doug Fister we remember from the second half of the 2011 season, and the Tigers’ offense drove in six of their seven runs with two outs on the way to a 7-2 victory. Miguel Cabrera continues to abuse baseballs; in tonight’s game, he clubbed one 454 feet to dead […]

The Subtlety of Toby Harrah

The Subtlety of Toby Harrah

In late June, the Tigers organizational hitting instructor, Toby Harrah, joined the team when they visited his home state to play a three game series against the Texas Rangers. When they left for Tampa on the 28th of June, Harrah jumped on the departing plane and he hasn’t left. In fact, as Jason Beck explained […]

On First Half Failures…and Second Half Dreams

On First Half Failures…and Second Half Dreams

So this is it. The baseball season is officially official. The All-Star Game has come and gone as quickly as we could have all hoped for (you can see we completely ignored it here and I suppose for good reason) and Friday the season begins anew. For now, and probably for the next few weeks, […]

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