Disgruntled Employees: The Walkoff Woodward Mailbag

With the trade market officially less than two weeks away my inbox has been getting loaded with flummoxing inquiries regarding the Tigers trade market. Obviously, everyone has their own opinions about certain players and potential deals, but I figured I would capitalize on this and introduce the pilot episode of Disgruntled Employees: The Walkoff Woodward […]

Evaluating the Trade Market: Starting Pitching

For all the complaints about the Tigers’ offense over the first few months of the season, it looks as if starting pitching may be atop the Tigers’ shopping list for the second year in a row. Last year, they pried Doug Fister away from Seattle, a move which, at least for 2011, turned out better […]

Well That Sucked; Angels Clobber Tigers 13-0

Jacob Turner made his debut last July against the Los Angeles Angels. He pitched 5 1/3 innings and, despite allowing 5 stolen bases, gave Tigers fans several reasons to be optimistic. He looked poised and mixed a solid fastball with a curveball that looked like it was made of lead to strike out 6 hitters. […]

relatively painful

On Demoting Jose Valverde and the Tigers Trade Risks

In my column at the Detroit Free Press today, I argued in letter fashion that Jose Valverde, author of a 3.96 ERA, should be removed from his position as closer and replaced, well, with someone. Despite the fact that the piece has a certain shock value attached to it, I actually do believe that Valverde […]

Tigers, Angels Score Runs in Intense Baseball Game

Phew! Wowee! I’m sitting here watching this game play out and my palms are sweating, my feet are tap, tap, tapping away, I’m bouncing up and down faster than a kid who ate a dozen doughnuts, and all the while the person sitting next to me is looking at me like I’ve just contracted Hepatitis […]

Game 90: Where the Detroit Tigers Face ‘The The Angels Angels’

Game 90: Where the Detroit Tigers Face ‘The The Angels Angels’

In their excited fervor, The Los Angeles Angels apparently forgot to put their name through Google Translator or something, as Los in Espanol means The in American and Angeles in Espanol means Angels in American. Sure, this is incredibly obtuse, but that’s what happens when you deal with teams from California. There’s some weird shit […]

Justin Verlander to the Rescue…Again!

Really, that could be the headline for almost every Justin Verlander start. I guess some people were worried about him after his poor All-Star showing. I wasn’t one of them, but he proved all those doubters wrong. It looked to me like his curveball was a big weapon for him on Sunday afternoon, which would […]

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