Game 86 Lineups and Comments: Royals (37-46) @ Tigers (43-42)

Max Scherzer makes his first start in ten days. He was very good in his start against the Rays, and actually has made three good starts in a row, going at least six innings and giving up three earned runs or fewer in each start. He missed his last start with a slight hamstring injury, […]


The Detroit Tigers Have Won More Baseball Games Than They Have Lost

When you think of what makes a good baseball team you think of what makes a bad baseball team. Bad baseball players. Silly managing. An aloof appearance. I just described quite a few members of the Detroit Tigers. Although, to be fair I have described pretty much every team in baseball. The trick, we are […]

Tigers Discover .500 Record, Ask for Key to City, Request Denied

Tigers Discover .500 Record, Ask for Key to City, Request Denied

The Mayor of Detroit turned the lights out of his office and in the faint shadow’s of the outside world’s artificial light fixtures he opened the door that lead down the hallway and out to the parking garage. Without looking he turned around and locked the door with his very large silver key. ‘Ah…’ he […]

Darin Downs’ Pitching Paves Path for Thunder Cats to Barrel Through

The beginning of this game was very reminiscent of those bizarre games that the Tigers tend to play on the west coast. The Twins were spraying the strangest hits all over the place and when Jim Leyland had to go to the bullpen in the fourth inning, you just expected the strangeness to continue. Luckily, […]

Game 83 Lineups and Comments: Twins (35-46) @ Tigers (40-42)

Can the Tigers get themselves a split in this series? If Rick Porcello pitches like he has in his last three starts, they have a good chance. He was especially brilliant in his last start with seven shutout innings against the Rays. If there is one slightly puzzling aspect about this roll it’s that he’s […]

it's the second half ryan

Game 82 Lineups and Comments: Twins (35-45) @ Tigers (39-42)

Say what you want about the Tigers first half of the season. Say what you want about obligatory numbers. Part two of the Detroit Tigers 2012 journey begins this evening. Justin Verlander takes the mound against a Twins team that has won four straight in Comerica Park. Huh? Don’t shoot the messenger. Thank him for […]

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