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Monday Marks Detroit’s 2nd Straight Year Making an Impact Trade, This Time Real Talent Was Given Up

Coming into Monday, Detroit second basemen were slugging .276 this year. To give you an idea of how bad that is, in the American League the worst slugging percentage, by position, is shortstop with a .367 clip. Second basemen ranked second to last at a .369 clip. Detroit second basemen were slugging 93 points below […]

Tigers Trade Jacob Turner and Others Away for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante

Didn’t really expect to see Turner’s trade value plummet THIS much but it looks like he is indeed headed to Miami for 2B Omar Infante and SP Anibal Sanchez. Obviously this will be updated as we learn more but for now the reaction is this: It’s a trade that benefits the team this year alone […]

Miguel Cabrera and his Proud 300

How do you quantify greatness…in baseball? The answer is actually simple. In baseball there is a certain threshold that separates good players from bad players and great players from good players. Time and durability matter a great deal as well. A season where a player enjoys a .350 OBP and .450 SLG is fantastic, but […]

Te veo, Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera Hits Number 300, Turner Wins Number 1 as Tigers Sweep Sox

Well, that went better than I think most people expected. I sort of made myself look bad, actually. In my preview, I said that I’d observed in Toledo that most of the hits Jacob Turner gave up were solidly hit and that there were very few “lucky” hits. Today, nearly all the hits he gave […]

Game 96: White Sox (50-44) @ Tigers (51-44)

Ah, no rest for the weary. Now that the Tigers have reclaimed first place, they have to turn right around and try to stay in first. Judging by the tweets and comments of Tigerdom, I get the feeling that most people expect a slugfest today. The Tigers have not seen Philip Humber since last year […]

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