Ryan Raburn is a Hell of a Ballplayer

Props to Ian Miller of Baseball Prospectus for hitting up my twitter and e-mail yesterday with a query about our favorite red-headed stepchild, Ryan Raburn. He wanted a bit of background on the beleaguered second baseman slash outfielder for this piece which I more than happily provided. Now  I’m linking his finished column and telling […]

José Miguel Torres Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera): Home Runs And Tigers Wins

José Miguel Torres Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera): Home Runs And Tigers Wins

My friend and I often refer to star players on our favorite team(s) by full name when exchanging electronic high fives and such. This is done out of the utmost respect. Miggy, Cabby, or more aptly Miguel Cabrera especially deserves that treatment in headline form tonight.  Tigers win, 6-5! 

The Tigers Made Another Left Turn on Sunday: This Weeks Detroit Free Press Column is Live

So, I wrote about how the Tigers turned the corner (again) with their win on Sunday. I thought it would be an appropriate topic given the reaction that I saw from multiple outlets in the aftermath of that five run tenth inning. It’s funny, I keep returning back to the word “expectations” when I write […]

Tigers Support Anarchy In Crippling Defeat of Indians

Tigers Support Anarchy In Crippling Defeat of Indians

Baseball is a game of chance. Every pitch. Every at bat. Every fly ball. Players on the field take a gamble every time the ball is in play. Certain situations beg for certain reactions. Some of the decisions are more costly than other. Some of the time these games are boring as all hell. Then […]

Game 108: Indians @ Tigers

Max Scherzer takes the hill for the Tigers in today’s finale. He’s coming off a loss in Boston, giving up 5 runs in 6.1 innings, although he did pitch better than that line would suggest. He also authored the only win the Tigers have against the Indians at Progressive Field, with 2 runs in seven […]

Doug Fister Beats The Indians And The Rain

Oh, was the weather forecast ominous for this one. A giant line of death rain had blown through Chicago, scuttled Lollapalooza, delayed the White Sox game, and it looked as if the Tigers would be lucky to get through five innings tonight. A second inning rain delay lasted just 37 minutes, but it looked like […]

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