Game 107, Indians @ Tigers

So when I saw that Delmon Young was back in the lineup I immediately went to my statistical reference internet page and pulled up his career numbers against Ubaldo Jimenez (10-for-23) and the career numbers for the player he replaces, Andy Dirks (1-for-12). This is a total Jim Leyland move. Dave Cameron of Fangraph’s will […]

Tigers Master Indians, Paint Them Red, Leave Them for Dead

Tigers Master Indians, Paint Them Red, Leave Them for Dead

It really is funny when supposedly “good” teams score runs. Not funny as in “ha-ha” funny, but funny as in “that’s weird” funny. Although, I admit, it is a bit “ha-ha” funny as well. This isn’t what I’m talking about though. Focus! Suddenly, you hear people employ a certain phrase, in this case the phrase […]

Has Delmon Young Been Ousted As An Everyday Player? Speculations!

The news out of Detroit on this fine Friday revolves around the activation of Andy Dirks from the Disabled List and subsequent dismissal of one Donald Kelly. Upon this news going public, I was bombarded with emails and tweets (well not so many tweets thankfully) about the absolute horror that Kelly was gone and not […]

The Hidden Gem of the Detroit Bullpen

Last night I got a bit adventurous so I decided to rummage the internets, more specifically fangraphs which tends to get me into all sorts of trouble thanks to their sortable stat graphs. Anyway, as I was going through that dark, deep, closet, I found a big box that said “relievers”. Intrigued, I picked the […]

Tigers Play 9 Innings of Baseball, Beat Red Sox 7-5

So that was the longest game ever. The Tigers evened the series in full 9-inning games against the Red Sox with a 7-5 victory. Unfortunately, 6-inning rain outs with questionable umpiring also count and the Tigers head out of Boston with a 1-2 record. They ended their 9-game road trip with a 3-6 record. End […]

Tigers Deny Report That Says They Filed a Complaint Regarding the July 31st Rain Shortened Game

The Detroit Tigers denied a report that claimed the club filed a complaint early Wednesday with the commissioner’s office in response to Tuesday’s rain-shortened loss. The report cited a club official, who said the Tigers appealed crew chief Jerry Layne’s decision to halt the game in the sixth inning. The complaint also protested whether the […]

Tigers Filed a Complaint Regarding the July 31st Rain Delayed and Eventually Cancelled 4-1 Loss

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland took the high road after a 4-1 loss to the Red Sox that was called because of rain with the Tigers having the bases loaded with two outs in the sixth. “You can’t do anything about it,’’ Leyland said. “The weather didn’t cooperate very good all night, but that’s the […]

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