Onlookers Witness Large Swine Flying In Ohio Mere Minutes After the 7th Inning of Baseball Game

The first three innings of Thursday night’s games was basically the equivalent of of a bible study held by the nuns from the Sound of Music. This was with Justin Verlander starting for a Detroit. Perhaps it was the broadcast I had (Indians) or maybe it was just a Thursday night at the end of […]

Quintin Berry Just Makes No Sense

We know that Quintin Berry is basically, more or less, I do suppose, a mainstay, if you will, in the Detroit Tigers lineup. Against right handed pitchers he bats second. Against left handed pitchers he For example, he sat against Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox last Saturday, who is a pretty tough left […]

control artist

Indians, Tigers Play Baseball, Indians Manage to Not Lose

Sometimes, in baseball, nothing really happens the way it’s supposed to. This is a funny little truth in the game. If you didn’t know that, or get frustrated by that, I advise you stop following sports. You’re just going to put a lot of unnecessary stress on yourself, which then becomes very messy and uncomfortable, […]

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