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Walkoff Woodward is dedicated to covering the Detroit Tigers and it ruins traditional baseball thought (or any thought for that matter) by attempting to bridge the gap between traditional and sabermetric factions. Walkoff Woodward believes that the sacrifice bunt is pure idiocy, Miguel Cabrera should play whatever position he wants for however long he wants, Prince Fielder’s contract appropriately fits his BMI, and Jim Leyland should lay off the smokes.


Josh “Doc” Worn’s work on Walkoff Woodward has been linked or featured in USA Today, NBC’s Hardball Talk, and Crain’s Business Detroit. His byline will randomly be seen on ESPN’s MLB page every so often. He wrote a statistically laden weekly column for the Detroit Free Press during the 2012 season. He is now focused on solely providing administrative work to the website; editing, and scheduling, and organizing, all the fun stuff.  For any and all comments or requests you can email address joshuaworn at gmail dot com. You can also follow him on twitter @jdworn and @WalkoffWoodward.

Erin Saelzler has been a Tigers fan her whole life, although she didn’t become obsessed with baseball until very late in the 2006 season. She has blogged the Tigers in some fashion since 2007.  Her blog was called Tigers Amateur Analysis, and it was independent until last year, when she joined Aerys Sports. She recently left Aerys and in addition to coming to write for Walkoff Woodward.

Grey Papke has been a Tigers fan for as long as he can remember, but his first vivid memory was getting to meet Cecil Fielder on the field at Tiger Stadium as a young toddler and ask him how many pancakes he ate every morning (the answer was “a lot.”). Since then, he grew up laughing his way through numerous truly awful Tiger teams, learned that you’re supposed to hate the Yankees, and became enough of a fan that Randy Smith became the first sports personality he truly wanted fired.

He became truly baseball-obsessed in 2006 (still hates David Eckstein for the 2006 World Series) and has been ever since. He has blogged in some way, shape, or form since 2009 and has been a partial Tigers season ticket holder since 2010. He maintains an irrational dislike of the Minnesota Twins, is fluent in the language of snark, and in his spare time is a communications major at Oakland University. (just kidding, that part comes first. Usually.) You can follow him on Twitter at @spacemnkymafia, but he tweets approximately 72 times per minute (144 per minute during Tigers games), so consider yourself warned.

Packey, born and raised just outside of Detroit, is a die-hard Tigers and baseball fan who started blogging about Detroit sports when he left Michigan for college in order to help him keep up with his favorite teams.

He grew up hoping to live out his dream of playing in the big leagues, like one of his favorites Tom Glavine, as a relatively soft-tossing but accurate and crafty, wiry lefty, but arm troubles in college (and the ugly results of pitching through ‘em) jolted him to reality, which ultimately entailed a graduate degree and a lot of debt. While he never pitched professionally, duhhhh, he did get to step foot on the mound at Comerica Park before Justin Verlander ever did during a High School All-Star game, and he can tell stories of getting out a handful of current MLB hitters and out-dueling a pitcher in the Mets’ system back in the day.

In addition to Walkoff Woodward, Packey contributes at SB Nation, Bloguin’s The Outside Corner, and he co-manages SB Nation’s Detroit Pistons blog. He also infrequently updates his baseball tumblr, which mixes his love for baseball and literature.

Packey is now transplanted in ATL with his beautiful wife and their hyper yellow lab. You can follow his raw take on sports on Twitter @detroit4lyfe and his personal musings @here.

Alex Simon‘s love for baseball cannot be explained in words alone. You need to see her describe a player, a play a moment — and watch her face light up and move, with the emotion of a thousand fiery romances all at once. The passion she has about baseball originated when she was 6 years old. Her father was a peanut vendor at Tiger Stadium, and reluctantly brought her to a game because he could not find a babysitter, as Alex’s mom was serving valiantly overseas for the United States Army. She was given a seat next to a dear friend of her father’s, in his section, and she felt alive for the first time in her short life. The smell of the grass, the crack of the bat, the excitement of the crowd told her that she had found her special place. She went on to attend over 300 games at Tiger Stadium — most of them in her father’s loving arms. As he grew older, and she more sophisticated and intelligent, they began to discover sabermetrics together. They loved the consistency, the math, the pure depth of statistical analysis. It is a love derived from chance and desperation – but a true, life long love. All of this is either true or completely made up. You can follow her at @catswithbats and enjoy one of the most logical, intelligent, introspective fans of the Tigers on twitter.


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Comments are always welcome. We ask that you refrain from garbage language, since it’s more or less a display of the absence of thought, unless of course the Tigers deserve it.

We use the Disqus commenting service simply because of the ease. You can log in with your social media platforms but if you choose to keep your identity sealed you can comment as a guest and make up a fake name and e-mail address. We don’t care, but if you are taking the time to comment we’d hope that you let us know who you really are, as we’d prefer not to build relationships with fake people.

  • William J. TaskerW

    Thanks for this. Feel like we know you a little better now. Your blog is terrific.

    • Doc Worn

      Thanks William

  • KalineCountry

    Glad to have found your Tigers blog. Keep up all the good analysis and thoughts.

    • Doc Worn

      I appreciate that. Thank you.

  • KalineCountry

    Hi Doc, Thanks for the twitter request to follow me. I do mostly reading of tweets and some questions to several media that I follow. Also get at time carried away with some political and player insults. One of these years I intend to grow up.
    I am always at DetroitSportsProBoards, after a dozen years at espn before they screwed up their message boards with the new format.

    • walkoffwoodward

      I joined DSPB and am adding it to my forums links. Thanks for the time you take to read.

  • kalinecountry

    Just read this on twitter, and will retweet, always good Tigers news here, thanks.
    KC Ron

  • Skitchpatterson

    The fact you do not give a contribution credit to Jeff Moss and Lynn Henning is very upsetting.

    • Josh Worn

      this wins it

  • Tres Fuller

    That banner is magnificent

    • Josh Worn

      Thank you! I did it myself.

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