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September 2, 2014

.gif | Nick Castellanos Gets Chased By Sheep

Yeah. Nick Castellanos got chased by sheep. I… Just click the cut.

gif after the jump

That’s not even the absurd part. The absurd part is the sheep were being herded by a little monkey riding a dog.


  • cestma

    WTH? :D
    Ahem–actually, those are sheep. /pedant

    • verlander

      Ah, Castellanos called them goats so I went with that. Somehow it’s funnier as goats.

      • cestma

        Ha ha, no doubt. ;) Cute gif.

        Few would notice the difference. Goat horns don’t curve like that, though.

  • Joyce H.

    Damn! He could have been hurt! Those critters can be MEAN!!!!!

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