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Concerning Detroit Baseball
August 11, 2014

Verlander Exits With Apparent Shoulder Injury, Tigers Fall To Second Place


Here’s your shortest ever Walkoff Woodward recap in honor of Justin Verlander’s shortest career start!

I really don’t have much to say about this game. It isn’t worthy of it. It was clear from the start that Verlander had nothing, and then we later learned why.

Verlander had to come out after one inning due to “right shoulder soreness.” He’s headed back to Detroit for evaluation. On the post-game show, Ausmus said he didn’t want to risk further injury to Verlander although he said there wasn’t pain.

As for the rest of the game, the less said the better. You can probably guess what happened in the Kansas City/Oakland game from the title of this recap.

Tomorrow will be better. Or else.

  • DMX

    This team is good at one thing…torturing their fans. Officially done drinking the koolaid. Jeff Seidel wrote a good article in the freep today…

    “Let me share some reality. The Tigers were 14-13 in June, 13-13 in July and they have started this month 5-5. That doesn’t scream playoffs. That is a team that has been treading water for months now, waiting for the Kansas City Royals to catch them.”

    • verlander

      I’m gonna wait a bit before I start writing the eulogy.

      • DMX

        I don’t disagree with you; I’m not saying the season is over, that all hope is lost. Crazier things have happened in baseball. I’m just saying that they are driving me nutty with their months of inconsistent play, and I can’t handle it anymore. I am seriously doubting the chances of this team winning a WS; I would now bet against it.

  • schemaXYZ

    If you just look at the numbers across seasons of other players, there is little room for optimism that Verlander will regain his previous dominance. When star players begin to fall from their peak, the decline is usually permanent. Last year, his ERA jumped from previous seasons, he allowed as many hits as innings, and he won one more game than he lost. This year, Verlander is in the bottom 10% of all starting pitchers. The only hope is that his supposedly minor ‘muscle core’ surgery in the pre-season was more debilitating than suspected and, maybe, everything has yet to heal. Otherwise, he is dangerously close to being out of baseball within the next year – nobody wants a starting pitcher with an ERA over 5.00.

    • verlander

      //Otherwise, he is dangerously close to being out of baseball within the next year//

      This seems a little rash. Especially if it turns out he’s been pitching hurt all this time.

      • DMX

        So the tigers are just going to pay him $28 million dollars to not play for the next 5 years? I would pump the brakes on him being completely done. Definitely concerned, but let’s wait it out before we pronounce his career dead.

    • verlander

      Also I missed this the first time I read this comment, but “minor muscle core surgery”? Is any sports hernia minor…?


    Sure justin verlander is maybe hurt now, but fact look at his era in last years alds it’s llime 1.79 and even against boston he wasn’t that bad!!!
    People get a grip if was so bad how come during playoffs he didn’t get hammered? I’m sure he has sum injury now but there not letting no about it.
    How about blaming the hitters. Miggy number one????!!!! Davis went 0-9, there not hitting at all but blame justin!!!!!!!!! Bull shite!
    That’s why they call it a Team Game!!!!
    I agree with verlander that come sept if there still struggling then it’s time to worry a lil bit.

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