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June 4, 2014

Tigers offense fails continually, Blue Jays win

I guess this is where I am supposed to say things like “it’s a long season” or “the season has its ups and downs” or some other feel good nonsense. That’s crap though. The Tigers stunk tonight…actually, that is putting it mildly. They reeked with the stank of a putrid rotting corpse. That is nothing new though. It seems to be what we have been treated to over the past couple of weeks after sweeping the Red Sox in Fenway (yes, that was THIS year…and it was the Boston Red Sox, not the Pawtucket version).

Rick Porcello pitched a solid game, giving up three runs over 7 innings. Then the bullpen, determined to keep their comrade Joe Nathan from having any chance of blowing a save, just served up batting practice. All I will say is that Phil Coke allowed the fewest runs to score (1 – credited to Reed) of the Tigers relievers tonight.

I refuse to use the cliched “The Tigers offense was offensive” and I don’t think I can post a picture that accurately sums up how bad it was. Miguel Cabrera provided some early fireworks with a bomb to LF thanks to a Home Run Derby caliber fastball from R.A. Dickey. Ian Kinsler hit one the next inning to put the Tigers ahead 2-1. Then they loaded the bases TWICE with nobody out….and could not manage one measly run that had seemingly been gift-wrapped and personally delivered by bicycle messenger courtesy of Dickey and the Jays.

So the takeaways from the game…Porcello pitched well, the bullpen needs a makeover, and the Tigers need to add about 3 hitters to their lineup.

  • hvsiii

    Man, I never thought I would say I miss Lloyd McClendon.

  • Tony the Tiger “their bad ! “

    How much do the Tigers get paid to loose, to make the Central division interesting?

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