a little introduction

first of all, this is a personal blog, an online journal where i am going to express whatever i want to, with as much horrid grammar as i can muster. i try not to capitalize, i like commas, and hate apostrophes, so if it hurts the eyeballs, go read someone who cares.

this is a work in progress, something i should have done long ago, and it will discuss everything from baseball to football to work to life to females to, my home in detroit, to whateverthehelliwant be it books, movies, people, animals, and possibly those in between.

where does the name “doc” come from?

i’m not totally sure, but quite a few years ago someone in an internet chat called me that, possibly due to my assumed knowledge of all things baseball, im not sure. all i know is the name has become synonymous with my internet presence. im not called that anywhere else, home, work, with my friends, but when i sign in online, im doc, and have been for years.

so, no im not a doctor, unless you think i am.

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