Homesick: Tigers Lose 3 of 5 in Cali + San Diego Rubber Match, 5-1

I think everyone is ready for a nice, long home stand. With 10 straight games in Comerica on the docket, hopefully the weather in the D will improve and make us quickly forget about this often frustrating California road trip, where the bullpen faltered a few times and the bats went flat more often than not. The Tigers will head east losing 3 of 5 on this trip, including 2 of 3 to the Padres. Miguel Cabrera continued his struggles but long term worries are nowhere near warranted at this point, as he did hit the ball hard and to the opposite field several times at PETCO. And he’s Miguel Freaking Cabrera.

Amid the Padres Sunday tradition of honoring the military with camouflage uni’s, the Tigers pitching and fielding was anything but cadet-crisp and it cost them a few runs, especially against a San Diego team that was mostly spic & span, making great play after great play and capitalizing on the reunion of starting pitcher Tyson Ross with his control. Ross’s slider was filthy at times and he looked much more like the pitcher he was in the back half of 2013 than a kid who started this season with 2 losses, a 4.35 ERA and 9 walks.

Speaking of control, Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer saw his falter a few times today, with 3 base on balls, including a critical leadoff walk in the 4th to Chase Headley, followed by a 2nd to Yonder Alonso, that lead to a 3 run inning for San Diego.

Detroit’s lone run came courtesy of a Victor Martinez RBI base hit in the top of that inning, though appreciation for the continued “clutch” at bats of VMart was quelled by his 2nd less than stellar performance of the week behind the plate.

Right fielder Will Venable lead the way for The Fathers, driving in 2 with a hard liner down the right field line to bring Headley & Alonso home in the bottom of the 4th. Tyson Ross helped his own cause in the 4th as well, with an RBI single for the Padres fourth run. All bad things come in 4′s? Jedd Gyorko lead off the scoring for San Diego in the 2nd with a leadoff solo shot and Xavier Nady popped up just long enough to troll my “Ian Krol Rightie Specialist” joke with his own solo HR off Krol in the 7th.

Those 5 runs were more than enough for Ross to take home the win, with the Tigers leaving 9 runners on base and Ross striking out 7 while surrendering only 1 free pass.

On a day where his stuff was inconsistent, Max Scherzer still managed to K 10 in only 5 innings of work. With a few more plays from molasses-slow shortstop Alex Gonzalez and a tighter ship run by Martinez behind the plate, the game could well have been closer – but it likely would not have mattered, with Ross, Benoit and keeping the bats at bay.

The sun will come out tomorrow (at least figuratively speaking), Justin Verlander had a nice audition for a future pinch-hitting role last night and a big series against a Cleveland team the Tigers dominated last year looms on the horizon.

Thanks for reading, Tigers fans.

Be well.


  • schemaXYZ

    Sign Stephen Drew – Jesus, don’t think about it, just do it.

  • keithwaz

    Shoulda took that money Max….

  • no_one

    stephen drew is a sub .250 hitter his last 1000ABs and less range since his major ankle surgery. we would likely have the same record through 10 games with or without him. the more i read fan comments the more i am thankful dombrowski runs the team . There are few times a person has a valid complaint as opposed to merely a differing opinion. offense will not be a problem. scoring runs involves a great amount of variance. it will not be the last time the tigers score just one run. even the ’27 yanks got shutout.

    veras could have been retained for 4mill, unfortunately the fan base’s fickle nature may have caused PR to unduly influence the choice to not sign him. as with benoit, you cannot judge someone on one pitch. a detroit news sports writer actually wrote disparagingly about detroit’s most consistent reliever(during his 3 years in detroit.) he was merely too expensive to keep and too old for a multiyear contract. (era/whip – 2.95/1.15; 3.68/1.03; 2.01/1.03 – whip being the important number with 2012′s era bloated from an unusually high rate of HRs since his 2010 renaissance or even since 2006 for that matter)

    on the other side of things, the fister trade is looking quite necessary even if the robbie ray doesn’t pan out, clearly the bullpen needs krol assuming he plays relatively consistent. if robbie ray lowers his walk rate(control), there will be a whole lot of people eating crow. i was a big fan of fister. Although i hated the trade on an emotional level, it’s far too early for anyone to condemn it in an absolute fashion.

  • no_one

    oops – that was Benoit’s 3 years in detroit, not Veras obviously. i neglected to type the name before using a pronoun.

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