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March 30, 2014

Walkoff Woodward Staff Predictions 2014

With the season starting Monday, because we like to be wrong, it’s time to share our annual Walkoff Woodward Staff Predictions. Five of our writers have been polled on the division races, major award winners, and World Series Champions, and our picks are presented here for your laughter and mirth.

If you’d like to see how great our track records are, here are 2013 and 2012 staff predictions for your perusal. If wildcard teams were indicated, they are denoted with an asterisk.

AL EAST Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
1 Boston Boston Tampa Bay Boston Boston
2 Tampa Bay* NY Yankees* Boston* Tampa Bay Tampa Bay*
3 NY Yankees Tampa Bay NY Yankees NY Yankees NY Yankees
4 Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Toronto Baltimore
5 Toronto Toronto Toronto Baltimore Toronto
AL CENTRAL Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
1 Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit
2 Kansas City* Kansas City Kansas City* Kansas City Kansas City
3 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
4 Chicago Minnesota Chicago Chicago Chicago
5 Minnesota Chicago Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
AL WEST Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
1 Oakland Oakland Oakland Oakland Texas
2 Texas Texas* Texas Texas Oakland*
3 LA Angels LA Angels Seattle LA Angels Seattle
4 Seattle Seattle LA Angels Seattle LA Angels
5 Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston
NL EAST Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
1 Washington Washington Washington Atlanta Washington
2 Atlanta* Atlanta* Atlanta Washington Atlanta*
3 Philadelphia NY Mets NY Mets Philadelphia NY Mets
4 Miami Philadelphia Miami NY Mets Philadelphia
5 NY Mets Miami Philadelphia Miami Miami
NL CENTRAL Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
1 St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh
2 Pittsburgh Cincinnati* Cincinnati* St. Louis St. Louis*
3 Cincinnati Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Cincinnati
4 Milwaukee Milwaukee Chicago Milwaukee Chicago
5 Chicago Chicago Milwaukee Chicago Milwaukee
NL WEST Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
1 LA Dodgers LA Dodgers LA Dodgers LA Dodgers LA Dodgers
2 San Francisco* San Francisco San Francisco* San Francisco San Francisco
3 Arizona Arizona San Diego Arizona Arizona
4 Colorado San Diego Colorado San Diego San Diego
5 San Diego Colorado Arizona Colorado Colorado

We’re fairly united in our division picks. We still have total faith in Detroit to retain the AL Central and we’re unanimous that the Dodgers will win the NL West. We mostly agree that Boston, Oakland, Washington, and St. Louis will win their divisions, though there were votes for the Rays, Rangers, Braves, Reds, and Pirates.

Grey Alex Ryan Sam
AL Champion Oakland Detroit Detroit Boston
NL Champion St. Louis Washington LA Dodgers Washington
World Series Champion St. Louis Detroit Detroit Washington

Our group isn’t quite as optimistic about the Tigers as we have been in years past, but half the panel still sees them winning the World Series. I voted for the Cardinals, and Sam likes Doug Fister and the Nationals.

Grey Alex Ryan Erin Sam
AL MVP Cabrera Trout Trout Cabrera Cabrera
AL Cy Young Verlander Sale Verlander Verlander Price
AL Rookie Bogaerts Tanaka Tanaka Bogaerts Tanaka
NL MVP Harper Puig Harper Harper Harper
NL Cy Young Fernandez Kershaw Fernandez Wainwright Kershaw
NL Rookie Hamilton Taveras Bradley Taveras No clue

We see another Cabrera/Trout AL MVP Armageddon in our future. A majority of us also think Justin Verlander’s 2013 was an aberration and believe more in the postseason version. Boston’s Xander Bogaerts and the Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka are the favored picks for AL Rookie of the Year, while four out of five of us like Bryce Harper to pick up his first NL MVP. Perhaps surprisingly, only two of us believe Clayton Kershaw will retain his NL Cy Young award, with two of us predicting Jose Fernandez will dethrone him. NL Rookie is wide open, particularly for Sam, who says he has no clue. We can respect that.

  • verlander


  • Michael Crowley

    Go Tigers!

  • Golfrocks

    So Alex thinks the Angels finish 3rd (probably) yet Trout is gonna win the MVP? Not if the voters use any common sense or logic unless Miggy falls off a cliff (which would pretty much eliminate the Tigers, his pick to win the WS. Well thought out.

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