• no_one

    I’d like to point one thing out. While the tally is dropping, he only struck out a little over 1 time per 100ab less. The last 1000ab or so he seems to have found his happy zone at 23-25% rate (k/ab). I am not sure if that rate is calculated with ab or pa, but regardlessly, he strikes out roughly 1 time a game for the last 2 years.

    There is no way austin jackson is a below average CF on defense. Like the author said, those numbers do not reflect reality. The man is fast and rarely chooses a bad route to catch a fly ball. On top of the physical talents, he reacts nearly at the sound of the ball. It’s actually truely amazing to watch him, in my opinion. He may not dive often, but it’s obvious by their evaluation that his range is grossly underrated. These fledgling attempts to quantify defense have room and capability to grow.

    Rhetorically speaking, if they are going to critique somethign on defense, it should start with his arm, which is just average(? not a cannon, regardless). Yet, relative to that position you do not often see frozen ropes.

    If a gold glove centerfielder doesn’t hit like a top of the order player, that would not put you in the minority of minor league clubs just like shortstop. I think he is restricted for this season and next, so i bet the leash isn’t short enough to ship him mid-season. Next offseason may be a different story depending on the haul.

    In my opinion, when you get a competent CF/SS you keep them and try to ignore that feeling of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence, because probability says it may take years to find another one.

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