• ccm2361

    Sadly there seems to be so many Leyland haters. A cashier at a store was telling me he thought Leyland’s production didn’t match his big salary. But looking at the stats, tigers were 700-579 2 Division title, 1 Al pennant & not 1 season under .500 with Leyland at the helm.

    I fear that come this time next year many of these haters may be wishing for the good ol days of Jim Leyland

    • cestma

      Agree. And have you ever imagined how difficult it would be to manage a MLB team? (I’m sure you have–but those cashiers haven’t.)

      All those superstar athletes, all the publicity demands, all the second-guessing, day-in, day-out, pretty much continuously for nearly three quarters of a year straight through, barely a break. I sometimes wonder how they can pay them enough! It’s gotta come down to just plain loving the game; and confidence and pride in your ability to do all the above.

    • Ryan

      You are wrong about the lack of a sub-.500 season. In 2008, the Tigers went 74-88. In 2010, they went 81-81, so exactly .500; not sub, but close.

      I think it was and is perfectly reasonable to dislike the things Leyland did. It’s undeniable, though, that he ran a good clubhouse and was a good man that the players loved. I’ve disagreed with a majority of his choices, but I was still sad watching his press conference. Depending on who we get, you may be right; the replacement may be worse. That still doesn’t take away from the mistakes he would make time and time again.

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