Have No Fear, Doug Fister is Here

Let me preface this by presenting you with the following statistic. The Tigers have hit .222 as a team in the last two games, the Rangers have hit .223. Take away the stupid thing that happened last night, that I wont mention, in the 11th inning, and another Nelson Cruz home run in the first game, and this series is a different story. (Basically, just take Nelson Cruz out of the equation).

My point is, there is little difference between the two teams at this point. Both pitching staffs have been excellent, and both lineups have been pitiful.

Yes, the Tigers are down 0-2 in the series, but they have 3 straight games in Comerica park, and I refuse to be anything but optimistic at this point. I think if anyone has watched or paid any attention to this team this year they know that the Tigers can turn those bats around on a dime.

The danger is that the Rangers can do this as well.

But have no fear, for Fister is here!

May he keep the ball down in the zone.



Through 3 innings, the Rangers are leading 1-0.

(update again)

V-Mart just homered and tied it 1-1 in the fourth. The problem is he hurt himself on the swing and is in the trainers room. This is just how ‘Elmon hurt himself.

Hey, Beltre came back, so can V-Mart.

(update thrice)

In the bottom of the fifth Austin Jackson and Ramon Santiago both singled and Miggy finally got his pitch and doubled AJax home. Victor came back up and we still don’t know if he can swing because Colby Lewis intentionally/unintentionally walked him to get to Don Kelly, who proceeded to ground out.

I’m not sure why I’m updating this because pretty much everyone who reads this is watching or listening to the game.

Oh well. The Tigers are coming up in the bottom of the 6th leading 2-1.

(final update)

The Tigers won 5-2 and can tie the series with a win on Wednesday afternoon. Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Austin Jackson, and Doug Fister were the reasons today. Since September 1st the Tigers are 16-1 in games that AJax has scored. 6-8 in games he hasn’t. So Score Ajax score!

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