Game CXXV: Tigers (73-51) vs. Twinks (54-69), 7:08pm ET

No, that’s not a typo.

Our favorite Roman baseball hurler takes the hill this evening (Rome is in Italy, Porcello is Italian, all Italians were kinda sorta “Romans” at one point in history, in a way. Plus regular numbers were getting boring and I needed a tie, k?) against the visiting Minnesota Twins and the 4-10 Mike Pelfrey.

Pitching to Cabrera, like crossing Keyser Soze, is a fire hazard.

Pitching to Cabrera, like crossing Keyser Soze, is a fire hazard.

Miguel Cabrera is reaching Keyser Soze status, as the legends of his ruthless bat are written before our awe-struck eyes, only there’s no question that his spirit-crushing (for opposing pitchers) home runs actually do exist. Hopefully we’ll get to see him punish one again tonight.

Rick Porcello’s last seven starts have yielded an earned run average of 2.62 and he only allowed 3 hits over 7 innings in his last one against the Twins.

And a quick Pelfrey stat that may put Tigers fans in a happy place: He has a BA against of .308 with runners in scoring position that rises to .333 with 2 outs and RISP. The Tigers BA with 2 outs & RISP is .262 , which is 21 points above the AL average of .241… My theory is that you should plan those Candy Crush fixes for the early part of the at-bats.

Line ‘em up, line ‘em up —

Tigers (R. Porcello – R)


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