Verlander’s No-Hit Bid Sends Tigers Into Break on a High Note

Texas Rangers v Detroit TigersIt’s hard to figure out what to make of Justin Verlander’s first half, but he certainly had a good start today. He seemed to rely on his secondary pitches a bit more than usual, but he did sneak an effective fastball in every once in a while. For 6.2 innings, he made it look like I was going to be mad at myself for leaving Detroit during this game, but then a hanging slider to Mitch Moreland ended that. Verlander’s day ended after the seventh and it was reported that he left the game with quad tightness, but it’s apparently not serious, the Tigers had a healthy lead, and Drew Smyly and Joaquin Benoit wrapped things up without incident. After the game, he and Leyland offered up their takes on his first half. By the way, “Expectations That Are Impossible to Live Up To” would make a great title for Verlander’s autobiography.

The offense from the Tigers was a bit strange in that it only came from about four players, and yet they did score five runs. It helps that three of the seven hits were home runs. Torii Hunter hit a solo shot in the first inning, and then Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta went back-to-back in the fourth. Peralta added an RBI single in the sixth, along with an RBI single from Matt Tuiasosopo. Alex Avila and Miguel Cabrera chipped in with walks (Cabrera had two).

The Tigers now have the next few days off, but you will see Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Jhonny Peralta, Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and Torii Hunter at the All-Star Game. Anibal Sanchez will get the second half started in Kansas City on Friday.

  • Ryan

    Once again, I didn’t understand PR for Matt. If he’s good enough in the outfield when the game is close, why isn’t he good enough when the game is 5-0? Faster runner? Kelly isn’t a speedster. Plus, it’s 5-0; you’re not in need of manufacturing runs. If he hadn’t PR him, he could have PH Kelly for Perez when the bases were loaded. I wouldn’t have complained about this. I know it’s minor, but it’s just yet another time that I do not understand Leyland-logic.

  • Greg

    What’s up walk off I’m a big fan of your website but I haven’t really seen you go in depth like you were last year. I love reading about my favorite and this is the main site I go to so idk….I guess a few more articles wouldn’t hurt too much. Thanks

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