February 2012

Walkoff Wonders

Four boring weeks remain until Detroit takes on the Atlanta Braves in the first Spring Training game of the season. Walkoff Wonders is going to take 25 questions about the 2012 Tigers and blog about each one of them over those four weeks. The questions can be a “what if scenario”, a possible “position battle”, or a even a specific “player profile”, it isn’t limited to any specific category.

Have any questions yourself that could be used as a possible topic? Send an e-mail to joshuaworn@gmail.com or contact me @docworn on twitter.

1 - February 4Can Andy Dirks Start in Right Field?

2 – February 5How Do the Tigers Handle DH?

3 – February 6Can the Tigers Score the Most Runs in Team History?

4 – February 9Just How Slow Are the Tigers?

5 – February 12How Accurate was PECOTA in 2011? (Part One, Offense)

6 – February 13How Accurate was PECOTA in 2011? (Part Two, Pitching)

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