44 Things we can take from the Fielder Press Conference

(thanx to twitter bud @Life_In_The_D for nabbing the MLB.com screenshots)

Ok, so I had to listen to the presser from my phone so I couldn’t live tweet. But I did capture 44 things that I thought were interesting or funny and jotted them down. Enjoy!

First: Mike Illitch is everyone’s favorite grandfather. He says what he wants, when he wants and he doesn’t really care about money. He forgets players names, unless your Raburn, and he’s got some weird hair.

Second: THERE’S A CIGAR ROOM!?!?!?!?!

Third: Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski are a great duo to listen to.

Fourth: I figured Illitch would reference Cecil before anyone else. The fact that he wanted Prince out of High School is interesting, and the fact that he didn’t want Raburn (specifically) to feel the pressure of Martinez’s injury is pretty hilarious.

Fifth: Scott Boras secretly owns this team. Actually, it’s no secret now; he flat out owns this team.

Sixth: Prince is Number 28

Seventh: Everyone can thank Max Scherzer for this deal.

Eighth: John Westhoff asked if Prince would be interested in a one year deal, Boras said yeah-for nine years-and then Dombrowski called the next day.

Ninth: There are some really dumb reporters, Lynn Henning is not one of them. He knows what he wants and gets it, and is incredibly offputting at the same time.

Tenth: Prince’s deal has caused the ticket sales to increase 5 times the normal rate in like 5 hours on Tuesday.

Eleventh: Illitch interrupts people and doesn’t care what you think.

Twelfth: Cabrera WILL play third base and Leyland explains that he has incredibly soft hands (true), a great arm (true), not as much athleticism as Inge (true) and will have trouble with his range (true) fielding bunts.

Thirteenth: Expect lots of bunts.

Fourteenth: Tigers are going back to old time baseball. Power at the corners. Oh yeah.

Fifteenth: Brandon Inge heard about the deal on the air. Brandon Inge is not the happiest camper. Brandon Inge is the most irritating name in Detroit. Brandon Inge is a really bad baseball player.

Sixteenth: Brandon Inge is not in any of the Tigers lineups.

Seventeenth: Do not ask Prince about his dad. I’m serious. He’s really good at dodgeball.

Eighteenth: Who the hell is Tony Phillips and why did he throw Prince in a trash can?

Nineteenth: Prince is smart. When asked if he would share first, he smartly said that he’s a team player, but he has no doubt Miggy can handle third. You can’t say anything other than that because you can’t admit you think Miggy will fail. Plus, what’s he gunna say, he booted Miguel off of first, he knows he’s awesome.

Twentieth: DH is going to be a versatile spot.

Twenty First:   Leyland rosterbates a lot. (Jackson, Boesch, Cabrera, Fielder, Young, Avila, Peralta, Dirks/Kelly/Thomas, Raburn). Sounds like Santiago isn’t platooning and that Delmon is primarily DH. Then again, this will all change in a week.

Twenty Second: Prince Fielder: “The Brewers wanted me here…sorry…the Tigers wanted me here.”

Twenty Third: Mike Illitch really doesn’t care what questions you have, he’s going to make sure his wife is seen.

Twenty Fourth: Ninja Dombrowski thinks the Tigers are pretty well set.

Twenty Fifth: Lynn Henning wants everyone to know Prince is Husky. Way to make a new friend, Lynn.

Twenty Sixth: If anyone wondered why Prince hadn’t signed before now, it’s because he and his wife renewed their wedding vows and January 11th was the first time he would listen to teams.

Twenty Seventh: Wait. Look at Number Twenty First….WHY DOES A JIM LEYLAND LINEUP MAKE SENSE?

Twenty Eighth: Scott Boras knows the Tigers roster better than Mike Illitch. Duh, because it’s his team.

Twenty Ninth: Cabrera will not be replaced by Inge late in the game for defensive reasons. Duh. You’d then have Inge bat in front of Fielder after he makes an error in the top of the eighth. Not happening.

Thirtieth: Leyland doesn’t care that his team is slow as a slug in molasses, since he wants them to trot.

Thirty First: Brandon Inge probably gets the Tigers 2-3 more wins by sitting on the bench.

Thirty Second: There’s no salary cap in baseball…..wow.

Thirty Third: Jayden Fielder is awesome!

Thirty Fourth: So far Cecil has been pretty much ignored. Thank God.

Thirty Fifth: Dave Dombrowski out ninja’d Brian Cashman.

Thirty Sixth: The Tigers actually signed Fielder to 9 consecutive one year deals.

Thirty Seventh: Apparently Patrick Leyland dresses his dad.

Thirty Eighth: The Tigers lineup is indeed R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R. Good thing Tony LaRussa retired or else his head would explode.

Thirty Ninth: Twenty Four days till Pitchers and Catchers report.

Fortieth: Before Prince Fielder signed, Miguel Cabrera said he wanted to play 40 games at third base in 2012. How’s THAT for a mind twist?

Forty First: Dombrowski on bidding for Yoenis Cespedes: “Maybe most likely, but you never can tell…” NINJA!

Forty Second: Even with signing Fielder, the Tigers opening day payroll will be around $130MM, less that 2008!

Forty Third: Dombrowski said that they could look at a couple veterans to compete with the young prospects for the fifth starter role. No major league contracts.

Forty Fourth: I really will miss Prince Fielder’s beard. I hope he grows it back.

Oh, and this guy is awesome:

Mr. Illitch, may you dream of long home runs and dancing grown men tonight. Detroit thanks you.

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