Game 40: Tigers (22 – 17) at Rangers (27 – 14), 8:05pm ET

 ”Ninety percent of this game is half mental.” — Yogi Berra 

If you’re an emotional fan (like me), you may have gone more than half-mental after last night’s game. If you’re a pitching machine like Justin Verlander however, you’re not the least bit worried. He threw 99 so he’s not likely hurt and he said he’ll fix it – I’m inclined to believe him. It’s a long year, JV will be just fine.

The weather at game time tonight in Arlington will be a sweaty 88 degrees and we hope the sun continues to shine on the Rick Porcello we’ve seen pitch relatively well over his last two  (3.46 ERA). Rangers starter, rookie Nick Tepesch recently gave up 5 runs in 4 innings to the Cubs, which is nice. But he’s tough against righties this year with opponents batting .186. Lefties hit .316 against Tepesch, thus the lineup mix you’ll see below.

Signs point to an entertaining game with hopes for Tigers fans that Andy Dirks pulls out the country lumber again in the leadoff spot and continues his hot hitting (.341, .400, .659 over the past 14).

It’s been a rough two game stretch. Here’s the lineup that will turn things around. (Donnie, got any more sluggo juice in that Sunny D bottle?)

Tigers (R. Porcello – R)


  • Ryan Cianfarani

    WHY IS HE BATTING AVILA 6TH AGAIN!? Just about completely fed up with Leyland. Can’t take his moronic, illogical approach any longer. I don’t know how else to describe it.

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