• Jim in Dewitt

    If Porcello has retired the slider this may not be a completely nutty suggestion. I’d like it more if we had a shortstop that could move but why not throw him out there as a closer in a couple of spring training games and see what happens.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.holcombe.100 John Holcombe

    Why not? Most of you probably don’t remember starter turned closer John Hiller, one of the greatest guys to wear a Tigers uniform. Worked out pretty well for him. Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked out well with Porcello and the team had a dependable closer for years?

  • http://eyeontigers.blogspot.com/ Jeff Roberts

    Brett Myers, while not a perfect comparison, is probably the closest one to Porcello in how he could perform in that role. (Looking at peripherals from someone who went from starter to closer) .

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