• Derek

    Seeing Verlander leave would definately be difficult but I would not neccesarily be dissapointed if they let him walk. The Tigers got extremely lucky with his performance during his last contract as he definately earned every penny he made. However his next contract would most likely have the opposite effect. Even with his insane skills he probably only has 3 maybe 4 years left of his current production. Paying 25 million per year for 4 years of a washed up pitcher along with 20 million a year to a washed up DH would kill the rest of the team. Crazy question but what would Verlander demand trade wise at the deadline? I know you proposed a similiar question with Cabrera last year….

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com/ Josh Worn

      I haven’t looked at any of the numbers but the starting point would be a controllable three win per year starting pitcher and two top ten prospects, probably one arm and one bat for the Tigers to even starting to listen. That won’t happen though.

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