Walkoff Woodward

Concerning Detroit Baseball
February 6, 2013

Why Are Steroids So Bad?

Remember him? He’s from this.

thin captain

Nobody liked him when he was like this. Such a wiener.

He was really really skinny for a really long time. Girls didn’t like him. Hell, the army didn’t even like him. Then this happened.

captain in utero

Which was totally natural. He obviously ate a lot of veggies and always drank his milk before pumping iron before bed every night, all he needed was a little extra push to look like…

chris evans thick


When he came out looking like this, everyone loved him. He even made out with that chick from the Tudors and Game of Thrones. And he, like, saved the world from pseudo-Nazi war criminals.

At least he cared.

Unlike this guy.


You know what’s dumb. There’s never any Tigers in these scandals. It’s like, come on guys, is this the 2012 world series all over again?


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