Turns Out, Robert Fick Has Some Opinions to Express on His New Vlog

Because we all are shocked that wealthy, immature, retired 30-something baseball players have jaded and homophobic opinions.

Look, I’m a twenty six year old white male who is married and will have second son born within the next month and so I can say that I understand when people like Rob Fick and even, sigh, Torii Hunter, opine about this subject. But I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s okay. This is how people talked regarding colored fellows even a few decades ago. I suppose we should just acknowledge the fact that certain people are never going to understand what racism actually is.

Furthermore, I understand you wouldn’t want to be in a shower with a gay teammate, but I also wouldn’t really want to be in a shower with a non gay teammate either so this it’s a moot argument in my opinion.

Also, Tiger Faithful, all the more reason to not be a fan of Jered Weaver, who was involved in this ‘vlog’ for some dumb reason and whose first name incidentally auto corrects to ‘jerked’ on Android phones.

  • verlander

    Hey look, Robert Fick made himself relevant again for 15 minutes!

    • http://twitter.com/walkoffwoodward Walkoff Woodward

      I was going to make some sort of comment about them inviting Delmon on to talk about jews but I figured that’d be poor taste.

      • verlander

        That would’ve been the anti-semitic cherry on top of a cake made out of poor taste and once relevant ex-Tigers.

        • http://twitter.com/walkoffwoodward Walkoff Woodward

          Sounds nasty.

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