• http://twitter.com/Detroit4lyfeRob Detroit4lyfe

    Great post, but I think Boesch deserves a bit more credit for his rise to the majors. While he has “wallowed away” for most of his big league career, he has stayed up here because of the ridiculous first 2-3 months he had in the majors in 2010. He’s as streaky a hitter as they come; only problem is that he’s usually on the cold end of that spectrum.

    And his defense is terrible.

    • Tigercub33

      Good point, Dirks is below average (perhaps right AT average at points) defensively. Boesch…not so much. He makes Dirks look significant above average in the field.

      • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com/ Josh Worn

        Rob: good point on Boesch, though I think that his summer in 2011 stayed his cause as well. I don’t have his month by month ranking but I seem to remember a stretch where he almost his .400 with power that season.

        And as for defense, as I said above about Young, I don’t think they’re going to put much stock in either one defensively. I do expect some heavy left shifting for Jackson and Hunter

  • http://www.facebook.com/arron.sexton Arron Sexton

    Very good article analyzing both offensively. I agree that they should be given equal or nearly equal weight in the competition this spring but what about defense? Boesch did not look comfortable in right field at all. If our plan is to strike everyone out or have them hit the ball in the outfield to get people out I’d rather have Dirks out there.

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com/ Josh Worn

      Dirks is capable but I don’t see him being all that much better than Boesch out there. Remember, this team willingly fielded Delmon Young in left field multiple times last season. Its going to be up to their offensive performances in regards to getting more playing time.

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