Walkoff Woodward’s First Egraphs Contest Giveaway


I was contacted earlier this month by a member of Egraphs, the digital autograph company that launched this past July, and was asked if I wanted to host a contest for the Holiday. Having read about it earlier this year on MLB and ESPN‘s websites (and thought it was a pretty cool idea) I jumped at the chance to participate.

So here it is.

If you’re unfamiliar, Egraphs is the next generation of autographs with personal voice messages from MLB players. There’s a few more good write-ups out there (in addition to the pair of links above) NPR and Fox News are two of them… but you have to check one out to really get it.

(turn speakers on and press play for audio after you click on the link you want to see)

Austin Jackson to Matt Stafford

Phil Coke to passionate fan

Miggy Cabrera to Barry Sanders

Miggy Cabrera to Kanye West

Torii Hunter to fans

So how do you win one of these?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

The contest will run from Wednesday, December 12th, which is today, to 5PM EST on December 19th, which is next Wednesday.

All you have to do to compete is send an e-mail to walkoffwoodward at gmail dot com (walkoffwoodward@gmail.com) – (which is an email I just created for this contest so don’t spam me!).

In the subject write Egraphs Contest

In the body tell us who you are, which Tigers player you’d spend the day with, what you’d do, and why. It’s as simple as that.

At 5pm EST on December 19th I will close the contest window, write all the emails down  (oh boy) and randomly pick three of them.

Egraphs will immediatly receive your email address and name and you will be able to order your Egraph as soon as they get your email adress. Since it will be December 19th/20th and some of these guys are on vacation and these are personalized, we’re not sure of the exact day when they will be delivered to you but it will be as soon as possible.

And what exactly will be delivered? The digital copy. If you want a physical frame then it costs $45 when you order it. But I think it’s pretty cool since Miguel Cabrera runs at $100 and besides, the digital copy looks fantastic on a tablet or phone.

So if you want to present another present for your favorite Tigers fan (be it yourself or your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad/kid/etc), this is the perfect solution.

Have at it, guys.

  • verlander

    Can a WW contributor compete for the Phil Coke egraph? /coughs

  • Steve

    Can you post the winners on here when you figure them out?

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