Scott Hairston and The Rumor Mill

Scott Hairston is a Free Agent. He smacked a couple of dingers and launched some doubles with the Mets last year, and since this is a team that didn’t do much of either in recent years, everyone thinks Scott Hairston is a quality player. Good for Scott Hairston. Good for the economy of baseball.

The Tigers, on the other hand, have three young players who are cheap and under team control going into the 2013 season. They are Andy Dirks, Nick Castellanos, and Avisail Garcia. Oddly enough, all three of these players can play the same position that Scott Hairston can play, and all three are supposed to be in Spring Training this…uh…spring.

But somehow people think that the Tigers need another corner outfielder. Maybe it’s because they don’t trust Torii Hunter’s legs, maybe they think Mike Ilitch is standing in his office jumping up and down at the possibility of signing another Prince Fielder. Have you heard the rumor about Josh Hamilton gambling at the MGM? No? Well it happened on Tuesday and-

Anyway, we’re all interested in the Winter Meetings which just started yesterday. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I set the MLB Trade Rumors app to notify me every time someone posted a new update over there. Because it’s interesting and it’s fun. But some of these rumors are just ridiculous and the sources that actual baseball people who get paid to report baseball news use is getting out of hand.

 Scott Hairston actually makes sense. Andy Dirks had an .889 OPS against right handed pitching last year and a .751 OPS against left handed pitching. Scott Hairston had a. .867 OPS against left handed pitching and a .739 OPS against right handed pitching last year. Platoon? Platoon!

But that’s a small sample size! Be wary of small sample sizes! They’re like cockroaches! While Hairston in his career hits lefties much better than righties, Dirks’ career has yet to stabilize. He’s only had 579 career plate appearances and has an .008 difference versus lefties and righties in those appearances. So maybe it’s too early to just stick him in a platoon situation.

And who was Morosi’s source? Ken the Garbageman? Jake the Snake? It sure wasn’t Dave Dombrowski, the Tigers general manager, who came out less than two hours after Morosi tweeted the Hairston news (note, it’s not just a rumor that they’re interested which is all part of the game, Morosi explicitly states that the Tigers offered Hairston a two year deal) with the following.

If you didn’t know, that’s John Lowe, the Tigers Beat Writer for the Free Press.

Chris Iott of MLive also wrote up the report, in which he had a quote from Dombrowski answering the question if he had offered a multi-year contract to a Free Agent.

“No, we have not,” he said without hesitation.

So, now that we have two, read that – two – sources confirming Dombrowski’s non offer of a contract to any current Free Agent outfielders, we can go ahead and say that, yeah, Morosi’s tweet wasn’t properly sourced.

Everyone gets stuff wrong but I don’t know how you misinterpret information that simple, and especially concerning a team that you used to cover. 

Of course, maybe Fox Sports told him to come up with a rumor and he misinterpreted what a rumor actually was.

This concludes the update from Day One at the Winter Meetings. Let’s see who we can criticize tomorrow!

  • greg

    whats wrong with the tigers and developing middle infielder talent?…am i the only one or do you think trading scott sizemore was a mistake…even thoug he’s injured i have a feeling he’s gonna have a very good career

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