Daniel Schlereth, No Longer A Thing

Today, in non-news that is now-news because there’s nothing else in the world to talk about on a Detroit Tigers Baseball Website the day before December 1st, comes the announcement that the Tigers have non-tendered left handed reliever, Daniel Schlereth.

The report comes from the always wonderful Jason Beck.

Many thought that Brennan Boesch could have been a non-tender candidate seeing as how he is arbitration eligible and could make more than $2m in 2013 based on peer performance, but that would have been a foolhardy move and the Tigers knew this so they did not do it. Hooray for moves that make sense!

Anyway, Daniel Schlereth was good in 2011, at least he was as good as a control addled left handed reliever could be, and then he was horrible in 2012, which is what ultimately led to his removal from the Tigers good graces.

Dave Dombrowski said that he was healthy at the end of the year so this basically means that they think that the 27 year old lefty isn’t even worth the major league minimum. I’m sure Schlereth’s father will be pleased.

Turns out, the Tigers did tender Brennan Boesch a contract and while there is still speculation that he could be traded, I don’t really see how, I like Boesch as insurance for a possible Andy Dirks demise.

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