Walkoff Woodward 2012: What to Expect

First of all Walkoff Woodward started in October as a blog covering the playoffs. Of course, the origins didn’t begin there. I authored the blog Two On, One Out all of 2009 and most of 2010, which covered baseball in general, during the first part of 2011 I began The Tigers Den on the Bloguin Network and just before the season started began a new position at the company I worked, which for six months took me away from blogging. After that I was planning on returning to the Den; however they had a new editor running the site when I returned. I lived on twitter for the last few months of the season (well, I still do), tossed up a live journal during the ALDS and Walkoff Woodward was born.

Now, my company has me traveling quite often during the season but it certainly won’t prevent me from blogging or literally listening or watching most games (finally).

So, during the slowest week of the baseball season I took a look at the reality of what I can blog and when I can do it over the next year. The goal is simple, blog a recap of each series during the season (therefore one post every three or four games) and blog a column (Walkoff Wrap, which is still in the process of being formed) every day of the current Tiger stats compared to the team and league. Simple posts that I don’t see on ESPN, or MLB, or even SB Nation or other blogs and I would like to think you guys do to.

Overall, I simply want to provide an enjoyable (and simple) blog where Tigers (and baseball) fans can come and see something posted that they haven’t seen anywhere else.

I hope we all have a great and safe New Year and a wonderful 2012 filled with Tigers victories.

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