Well Doc, How Realistic Are the Tigers Chances?

My wonderful contact over at The Hardball Times, Chris Jaffe, touched on this topic today and here is that link. While I’m not going to cover everything he did because you should click the link and read it, I’ll cover the basic bullets:

  • In a best of seven series, that includes the World Series and LCS of either league, we have 32 examples of teams who have lost the first three games to take information from.
  • In Game Four those 32 teams went 6-26.
  • In Game Five those 6 teams went 3-3.
  • In Game Six those 3 teams went 1-2
  • And in game seven the sole remaining squad won and advanced to the World Series.

Who was that lone team? Why the 2004 Boston Red Sox of course. The New York Yankees won the first three games of the now famous ALCS and then lost four straight catapulting the Sox into the World Series against the Colorado Rockies of which the Red Sox swept in a quick and painless manner to win their first Championship since 1918.

That of course is the ALCS.

The Tigers are not in the ALCS, as they wiped the offensively challenged New York Yankees off the face of the earth last week in that series. No, the Tigers are looking at 23 previous World Series times a team has been down 3 games to 0. 20 of them were swept. The other three lost game 5.

So, the Tigers have a chance at history here. Or, you know, mind numbing defeat.

In his article, Chris goes on to talk about teams who have gone three straight games without a lead, which is the situation the Tigers find themselves in, and the results aren’t pretty at all.

I’m certainly not going to predict anything. There is no point. The Tigers offense needs to shine through starting at 8:07PM EST tonight and that’s that. Hopefully Max Scherzer can keep the Giants in the zero column, or at least, get a lead and keep it. Because if he can, Justin Verlander is starting Game Five and you haven’t seen Justin Verlander until you’ve seen pissed off Justin Verlander which is what he will be thanks to this:








That is of course doctored from the original photo, which is this:










Look, all I know is the Tigers are about to lose a very frustrating series. This is a team with an offense of a few superstars and a bunch of org guys who would have a tough time holding a starting job on the Marlins. If the superstars fail, which Cabrera and Fielder have so far, this team isn’t going anywhere.

They have the starting pitching to win four in a row, Scherzer, Verlander, Fister, and Sanchez are fully capable of keeping this Giants offense at bay.

It’s the Tigers offense that will lose this series. And it’s the Tigers offense that will win this series.

Lineups will be up later tonight.

  • http://twitter.com/FoldAndThrust Ben Johnson

    didn’t the red sox play the cardinals that year? 2004

    • Josh Worn

      No that was the Rockies.

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