Bumgarner Befuddles the Tigers’ Bats, Fister Takes Tough-Luck Loss (And a Comebacker Off the Noggin)


Yes, the Tigers are down two games to none in the World Series.

No, this isn’t the first time this Tiger team has been declared dead, only to prove the doubters wrong.

No, a 2-0 series lead certainly isn’t insurmountable, by any means.

Fister gave the Tigers a chance to win, and if not for an overly aggressive send by Gene Lamont in the second inning, the Tigers might have found a way to win the game.

I won’t tell you that it certainly doesn’t look good and that the odds aren’t in the Tigers’ favor. We know what the Tigers are up against.

It’s hard to find positives right now, but perhaps the biggest, most important one is this: the Tigers have the next three games at home. It’ll certainly be tough—the Giants are sending out their two best pitchers in Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong—but the Tigers are a different team at home. Maybe they’ll even remember where they stashed the offense.

Bullet points:


  • Doug Fister took a comebacker off the back of his head that went into center field for a base hit, but stayed in the game. Dombrowski said they ran all the necessary tests and Fister checked out fine.
  • Fister went 6+ innings, while allowing four hits, one run and striking out three. He took the loss.
  • Drew Smyly struggled with his command in his 1.1 IP of work, although it appeared he might have been squeezed a bit by home plate ump, Dan Iassogna. Smyly was charged with three walks and an earned run. He also allowed his inherited runner to score.
  • Octavio Dotel was a bit shaky as well. He pitched a third of an inning, allowed a walk, and gave up his inherited runner on a sac fly.
  • Phil Coke finished off the eighth inning by striking out the only batter he faced.
  • The Tigers were held to only two hits, the lowest hit total in a World Series game since they were one-hit in game 1 of the 1945 World Series against the Cubs.
  • The first two games of this World Series, in gif form:


  • I originally just wanted to post that gif as my game recap, but common sense prevailed.
  • Enjoy the day off.


  • friend

    The Tigers have the talent to come back, just like they did against the White Sox in the regular season, if the World Series is extended to 162 games.

    • verlander

      Take your logic somewhere else. We’ll have none of that here.

      • friend

        Head in sand much?

        • verlander

          Sarcasm much?

          • friend

            Wow, you call yourself verlander and you want to be taken seriously. Ok then, how many World Series games do you think need to be played in order for the Tigers to have enough time to come back and win?

          • verlander

            I agreed with you and then said I was being sarcastic, and yet you still want to be a tough guy, make personal attacks, and start an internet fight. Cut it out.

          • friend

            Okay, I see that I misunderstood you. I thought you were attacking my sarcasm. I withdraw. Language sure can suck sometimes.

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