Miguel Cabrera’s Hustle

There has been quite a bit of conversation regarding Miguel Cabrera’s hustle down to first base during the ‘double-clutch double-play’ and if it would be deemed as such. Cabrera has hit into a league leading 23 double plays this year, which is the only source of criticism that can be had for the team’s best hitter. And that criticism must be held at arm’s length: M.C. Hammer generates most of his power from his hips, which in turn makes his jump out of the batter’s box a bit of an exercise. In short, he’s no Ichiro Suzuki.

The Hammer has certainly shown us all his ability to jog down the first base line. However, the play in question that occurred Thursday night was not one of those cases. Observe:

And if those are not good for you, check out the video here, the scene to which we are questioning begins at the 1:53 mark.

  • verlander

    Anthony Fenech said he was hobbling too. I haven’t seen the replay (and am not going to as I’m passing out). So, w/e. I had flames on the side of my face last night but I’m over it.

  • Jc

    Bad ankle or not, why swing on the first pitch when the pitcher was struggling to find the strike zone?

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