Fine Porcello Start Wiped Out By One Pitch, Missing Offense.

Tough luck loser.

Rick Porcello threw six innings of seven hit, three run ball—good enough for a quality start but not good enough for a notch in the win column, as the offense pulled a disappearing act for most of the game.

Porcello made one “mistake,” really, and it wasn’t even a bad pitch. The Orioles’ Chris Davis hit a two seamer away for an opposite field three-run homer to give Baltimore the late 3-0 lead. The Orioles never looked back, although the Tigers attempted an uprising in the eighth that came to a sad end when Jhonny Peralta needlessly gave himself up trying to get into second base on his two RBI single. The Tigers didn’t threaten again after that, as they went meekly in the ninth inning against closer Jim Johnson.

More on this game after the cut

Porcello, in spite of the final result, was actually quite good. His four-seamer and two-seamer looked good—Porcello threw a few beautiful swingback fastballs—and his secondary stuff was also solid. Porcello threw both his slider and his curveball tonight, and his slider was particularly effective as it generated whiffs 35.71% of the time. Porcello, who is not known as a strikeout pitcher, struck out six batters in his six innings of work.

Brayan Villarreal, Phil Coke and Octavio Dotel all turned in solid relief performances, which was encouraging, especially when it comes to Villarreal, who’s coming off a sore arm, and Coke, who has been struggling mightily in the second half. Coke gave up one hit in his inning of work, on a hanging breaking ball, but looked much better than he has in recent outings. Villarreal was again solid, and Dotel turned in a good performance as well.

Now, onto the bullet points:

  • Jeff Kellogg apparently thought the sold-out Comerica crowd was there to see him for a second night in a row. Kellogg’s strikezone was hilariously awful and hilariously inconsistent. Pitches that were obvious balls were called strikes, forcing players to then swing at bad pitches. Brooks has the plots here. Just awful. Kellogg was also part of some controversy at first base the previous night.
  • Buck Showalter did not turn into a tomato tonight, alas.
  • A fan tweeted this pic of a large, baseball shaped bruise on his chest. He did in fact get drilled in the chest by Prince’s 462 foot bomb the other night.
  • Zach Britton was somehow effective. I know whenever fans see an ERA of 8, they expect to score eight runs off of him, but Britton shut down the offense for most of the game. Anytime he did get into a little trouble, he was able to get the necessary double play or strikeout or whatever to get out of it.
  • A guy with a name like Jim Johnson should be in a country or folk band.
  • I’ve just about had it with Delmon Young. Unfortunately, the Tigers haven’t yet. To be fair, there aren’t a lot of options and no the Tigers are not going to call up Nick Castellanos and his .748 OPS to DH so just stop it.
  • Tomorrow will be better. Or else.

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