This Weeks Detroit Free Press Column is Live

Two things today. (Really, two things? Yes, two things!)

My weekly column at the Detroit Free Press has now been posted. This week I discuss the value of Drew Smyly. Please check it out on the inter-webs at this location and as usual, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments, there, here, or at my email address.

I’ve also been allowed to invade the virtual pages of Baseball Prospectus, with all thanks going to Editor-in-Chief, Ben Lindbergh. There I have written a guide, in a light and somewhat comical fashion (and honestly, I have no idea how good it is), on how to root for your favorite teams rent-a-player. Unfortunately, I have no clue how anyone can root for Delmon Young, which is discussed there as well. Also, don’t worry, as it is a guest post, it is free for all and doesn’t require a subscription (though you should get one anyway).


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