This Week in Fake Trades

Fitted in an extraordinary orange and white striped polo shirt, Dave Dombrowski tosses his blackberry in the air with his right hand and catches it with his left. Then he runs the fingers of his now unoccupied right hand through his magnificent grey hair and smiles evilly.

He looks at the phone and dials a number.

Dombrowski: Hello, Sandy.

Alderson: Hello, Dave.

Dombrowski: I would like Scott Hairston, Sandy. He is the type of player who agrees with me.

Alderson: Panini Sandwiches agree with me Dave, I would like one of them.

Dombrowski: Would you like a Panini Sandwich for Hairston, Sandy? I can have Ryan Raburn bring one to you.

Alderson: No, Dave. Sometimes we don’t just get what we want.

Dombrowski: What if Ryan Raburn brings you a Panini Sandwich and Daniel Schlereth brings you a Rum and Coke?

Alderson: A Phil Coke?

Dombrowski: No, Phil Coke would probably light my hair on fire if I tried to send him back to New York. No, I’ll send you Raburn and Schlereth and both items for Hairston. You have no need for Hairston.

Alderson: How about Bay. Jason Bay.

Dombrowski: /hangs up phone.

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