I have no idea what this means. Personally I don’t care. The fact that Ryan Braun, the reigning N.L. MVP tested positive for PED’s literally means nothing to me. It’s doesn’t mean anything to you either unless you are one of those high and mighty by the book types and cry that this is a black mark on baseball, which thus means you don’t really understand sports and competition at all.

And yes that was unjustifiably harsh.

But I want to make this point for two reasons, the first is that it is fresh on my mind (it really is how I feel), and second is that as soon as people hear the name of a player and steroids, they are forever linked and the player is practically castrated.

I mention that second reason because as of now, we know these few things:

  1. Braun was initially found to have an elevated testosterone level. Hence, “Brawn”.
  2. A subsequent test revealed that the testosterone was an unidentified synthetic.
  3. A 2nd test was administered as soon as Braun tested positive, and the 2nd came back negative.
  4. There was confusion at first, but the second test administered was a DIFFERENT sample.
  5. No positive test has ever been overturned by MLB but that is due to the fact that all announcements have been made AFTER the appeals process has been exercised.
  6. We do not know if there have been tests overturned because of the appeals process.
  7. Therefore, we are in a unique position in that we know of Braun’s positive test before the appeals process has been completed

Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tweeted a few things.

Braun’s comments to Haudricourt.

I make mention of all of these things simply because I cannot stand all the hatred and accusatory vileness that is displayed towards athletes who are CAUGHT using or apparently abusing PED’s.

Furthermore, I wonder how Tiger fans would react if Miguel Cabrera or Justin Verlander were currently in this position? We do not destroy Cabrera’s reputation because of his offseason antics even though a DUI is a far more deadly abusive drug.



  • http://valueoverreplacementgrit.wordpress.com dianagram

    Oy …. what a mess. (Heavy sigh).

    Nice summary of the story so far.

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com joshuaworn

      Agreed. I really want to know who at ESPN got this info..

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