Recap: Day Two of the Winter Meetings

Monday was a slow day overall, with one minor trade rumor surfacing with the Mets. Most figured that Day Two would be a bit busier, but as it turns out the 2012 Winter Meetings for the Tigers could be an absolute “snorefest” according to Lynn Henning via Twitter.

That’s basically it. Nothing happened other than a few articles coming out saying that Yoenis Cespedes was still a big blip on the Tigers radar.

Dombrowski did make an appearance on MLB Network Radio with Mike Ferrin and Steve Phillips and basically reiterated the following:

1. They are happy with Young, Jackson, and Boesch in the Outfield.
2. Cabrera, Peralta, Martinez, and Avila are golden boys.
3. There four starting pitchers are Division 1 talents and the Tigers are greatfull to have them.
4. Valverde, Benoit, and Coke are excellent bullpen arms.
5. Second base and Third base are areas of opportunity but if they have to are comfortable with platoons of Raburn/Santiago and Inge/Kelly.

I only have comments on Young and the platoon situations.

As for Young, Henning told me on Twitter that while there could be a bit of a struggle with the arbitrator, Young should net $6-7 million next year. I think that’s a reasonable salary. Young loses all value around $9 million and beyond. But batting 3rd in front of Cabrera or Martinez for an entire year would hardly be a bad situation.

As for the platooning of 2B and 3B I would be fine with 1 of those positions (notably 2B as I still believe in Raburn and his ability to finally adjust to 1st half pitching) remaining so, but 2 is a bit much. Inge is scraping the bottom of his talent pool and Kelly is a nice (even valuable) bench/role player.

My take is, yes the Tigers don’t have any gaping holes, but 3b is a position that needs to be addressed before anything else.

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