Evaluating the Trade Market: Outfield

Could Quentin replace Quintin?

The trade deadline is inching closer, and rumors are heating up. Last week I took a look at the second base market (hint: it sucks). Today we’ll take a shot at the corner outfield market, which is slightly more robust. Brennan Boesch and Delmon Young continue to underwhelm, Andy Dirks is still shelved for the foreseeable future, and Quintin Berry may (probably) find it difficult to continue his hot streak. The Tigers could certainly use another bat on a corner – preferably right handed.

Let’s see what we’ve got… after the jump.

Carlos Quentin, Padres

Tiger fans are familiar with Quentin from his White Sox days, and he fits the bill for what the Tigers are looking for. He’s a righty bat with power, he plays a competent left or right field, and he gets injured a lot, so he’d really be a great fit! But seriously, Quentin is off to a scorching start with San Diego and they can probably command a big return in this buyers’ market. Injuries will be a concern, though, but if the price is right, he’d be an excellent addition.

Alfonso Soriano, Cubs

Soriano has resuscitated his career this year thanks to a recent hot streak. He’s not very good in the outfield, but then again neither are the current crop of Tigers corner outfielders. Can he keep it up? He’s also signed all the way through 2014 at $18 million a year, so it would be dependent on how much money the Cubs would be picking up.

David DeJesus, Cubs

Another Cubs outfielder who has also had his injury problems, Tigers fans will remember DeJesus as well as that guy who used to kill them with the Royals. Not a lot of power, but he can get on base. While it’s true that everyone on the Cubs is pretty much available, DeJesus just signed a multi-year deal with the club last November and it might take a few pieces to pry him away – and the Tigers might be looking for more power out of their potential acquisitions.

Jeff Francoeur, Royals

I have to include him, don’t I? Frenchy has a cannon in right – a trait the Tigers’ outfield defense sorely lacks – but, much like a certain other Tigers corner outfielder, he almost never walks and isn’t gonna hit .300 for you either. The Royals have shown hesitance in trading him as well, since they like him a lot. He’s probably not coming.

Much like second base, the problem is that there are a lot of clubs still in it, and many others who aren’t have young, cheap corner outfielders that they would prefer to keep. Keep an eye on teams like the Phillies and Brewers, who are struggling and may have to sell if things don’t turn around soon. Otherwise, the Tigers are going to have to gun for someone like Quentin. There are probably lesser names out there, but the market is still emerging. If the Tigers are going to go big, however, it will probably have to be for someone like Quentin.

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