Red Sox 6, Tigers 3: Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera Struggle, and That’s Rare

I mentioned after the jump of the post-game graph that it’s rare to see Justin Verlander AND Miguel Cabrera, bona fide superstars, struggle in the same game. Verlander gave up five earned runs on 10 hits in six innings (the first time he’s given up 10 hits since September 2, 2010) and Cabrera left six men on base in his 1-for-5 effort.

I knew it was uncommon, but I decided to double-check my intuition. Here’s what I found out: Verlander has allowed four or more earned runs in just nine of his 45 regular season starts over the last two seasons. In the previous eight starts of Verlander’s that I would classify as ‘bad’, or maybe the better description is unVerlander-like, Cabrera was 15-for-30 with 11 runs batted in. Yeah, it seems Cabrera’s usually got his ace’s back when he struggles (or it’s a coincidence).

But on Tuesday night, Cabrera was just 1-for-5. He doubled and scored a run on a Prince Fielder single in the seventh, but he also left six men on base throughout the game, three of whom were in scoring position.

Anyway, I just thought that was interesting.

Really, we’re spoiled by the other 85-percent of Verlander’s starts that are of the quality brand. When he does stumble — and he will stumble some — we just have to hope the bats can do better than 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position and the team doesn’t take a total of 10 runners to #LOBcity. It shouldn’t always have to be Cabrera picking up the slack when JV lets the team slip off his back.

Walkoff Bullets:

  • The big hit of the game came in the fourth inning. Give Daniel Nava some cred as he took a 101 mph JV fastball the other way for a bases clearing double. 4-0 Red Sox.
  • Brayan Villarreal is getting, um… real. 5 strikeouts in 1.2 innings. That’s a strikeout for every out he recorded for those who need that explained. The last four came swinging. He threw 24 fastballs and only one was clocked below 96mph (95) and only four were 96mph. Everything else was 97-98. Power arm with great hair and a 0.00 ERA. I lost a dollar.
  • Berry has come back down to Earth from his diving catch in the eighth inning against the Twins. Berry turned in his first OH-FOR of his big league career and he really sold it by striking out three times.
  • Prince Fielder was 2-for-5 with 2 RBI, one coming on a bomb. He also almost killed a gentleman about five rows up to the right of the Tigers dugout. After homering, on his way back to the dugout, he stopped to make sure the fan was alright, but the fan had already been escorted up the aisle to receive medical treatment. #classy #lasttimethatfanlistenstowifeandleavesgloveathome #brokenface
  • Jhonny Peralta homered.
  • Boesch was hitting .355/.403/.919 in the 17 games before Saturday’s against the Twins. He’s now OH-for-his-last-11.
  • Smyly v. Lester on Wednesday night. Lottery night.

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