Video: Jim Leyland Goes Off On Media After Loss to Red Sox

Apparently his early exit from today’s 7-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox wasn’t enough to calm down Jim Leyland. He gave the Tigers beat writers (and anyone else who would listen) a lesson in accountability in his office after the game.

Doug Fister, on the other hand, was much calmer. He accepted responsibility for the 3-run second inning. If you missed the play in question, we’ve got evidence here.

  • Ugly

    Yay! another big blowup from Jim Leyland! Gotta love the infamous Tiger’s meltdown after one lousy call. Ump makes one mistake and sh*t hits the fan, what did you expect? Also a Big Congrats to John Keating (GVSU’s finest) for withstanding the spidwads and stinkeye glares from ole’ marlboro breath.

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