Please Tigers, Spare Us Jamey Carroll

I’m sure that 37 year old Jamey Carroll is a wonderful father, wonderful husband, and gosh darn it, a fantasticly fantastic human being. But by god, if Dave  Dombrowski reads anything that Lynn Henning writes, I cry for Detroit.

In his article today Henning has decided that Carroll, he the author of an apparently impressive .278 lifetime batting average. Of course, that impressive stat negates the also impressive 17 RBI in 510 plate appearances last year. Or how about the also impressive 12 home runs in over 3400 career plate appearances? Yes, Mr. Carroll is a mighty slugger, the best option on the free agent market that includes the pathetic Kelly Johnson or Aaron Hill.

So, please Dombrowski, if you consider signing Mr. Carroll because you can’t sign the rock behind the batting cages, just bring back Ramon Santiago instead, at least he’s been in Detroit since before the stone age.

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