Rosterlation V. 3.0

Over the weekend I’ve looked at the possibility of a Braves trade, Jimmy Rollins and Kelly Johnson signing as free agents. Now, I’ve come back to the Braves trade, not only because I’m obsessing over the possibility of it, but also because given the availability of the 2B/3B on the market, it makes the most sense, and in trying to improve the team, you go where the most sense is made.

What the 2012 Detroit Tigers “May” Look Like

2B Martin Prado (2 years arbitration remain)

3B Aramis Ramirez (3 years, $40 million)

1B Miguel Cabrera (4 years, $86 million remain)

DH Victor Martinez (3 years, $38 million remain)

RF Brennan Boesch (team control)

LF Delmon Young (2 years, $16 million, club option for 2014)

SS Jhonny Peralta (1 year, $5.5 million, club option for $500K 2013)

C Alex Avila (team control)

CF Austin Jackson (team control)

Starting rotation

SP Justin Verlander (3 years, $60.3 million remain)

SP Jair Jurrjens (2 years arbitration remain)

SP Doug Fister (team control)

SP Max Scherzer (3 years arbitration)

SP Rick Porcello (2012 club option)

Version 1.0 has the trade idea between the Braves/Tigers, and in this version it’s the same, with the addition of Aramis Ramirez. There’s also a reason that this is version 3.0. Ramirez is a known clubhouse cancer, a poison that is difficult to drain. I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole, but I also know that the Tigers have quite a healthy clubhouse with numerous South American personalities. Perhaps he would be absorbed rather than create a problem, but I’m not a clubhouse expert by any means. Again, I don’t think it will or want it to happen, but it could, and it could fit if the right moves were made.

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