Miguel Cabrera: Soap Opera Villain

Last week, while the Tigers were in New York, Miguel Cabrera tweeted a photo from his visit to the MLB Fan Cave. If you’re like me, you were wondering why he was wearing an eyepatch in the photo. We finally got the answer.

The latest video from the MLB Fan Cave is a spoof on telenovelas called “La Cueva del Fanático” (taking advantage of the general rule that “everything sounds cooler in Spanish”).

In it, our beloved third baseman portrays the one-eyed Miggy Poco (and yes, that does roughly translate to “Miggy Smalls;” also, while the eyepatch is fairly common among telenovela villains, it would be totally awesome if that was a nod to what happened in spring training). He does nefarious things like push a guy down a slide (sorry, I haven’t been following the Fan Cave that closely, so I have no idea who those people are), and I would like to think he’s some sort of crime boss, just so I can work in a Venezuelan Mafia reference (and though Cabrera’s a much better baseball player than he is an actor, he holds his own and he does have a pretty good evil villain laugh).

Collin Balester also stars as “The Tourist” and John Glaser plays Jim Leyland (although he messes it up because he doesn’t mumble enough). Watch and laugh.

  • JenR

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Kudos to the guys for being game to do something like this! I love it.

  • cestma

    HA HA HA!

     Thx…more fun than the games, lately…

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