So Who Do You Root For Now?

Ok, so your team loses a grueling series to one of the most dangerous clubs in the sport (one who was chosen to win the series by most serious fans and analysts). In that series one specific player did historical and unspeakable things against you and a lot of things went the wrong way. Even the old adage, pitching wins you championships, didn’t help as the team that beat you didn’t even get a quality start out of one of their starting pitchers.

The series is over, your season of following your team is over and it feels kind of surreal. Obviously, the team that beat you in unspeakable ways is one of two teams remaining. So, the natural thought process tells you to root against the team that beat you. Go National League.

Except, in this situation, that other team is the team that beat you the last time you were in the World Series.

That year, the team that beat yours had the worst record of any team in the playoffs (they were 83-78 in 2006! They would have finished in 3rd or 4th place in any other division in baseball that year!) That team was not supposed to beat your team that year. Your team won TWO WEEKS more worth of games than that team and they lost. Lost in 5 games nonetheless.

You possibly hate this team even worse than the team that just beat yours this year.

So here you are, your team is gone but you’re a baseball fan. You can turn on any game with any two teams and enjoy a full 9 innings. But, now you have a World Series where you can’t reasonably “want” to see either team win. So who do you root for now?

You don’t. You watch the games, hope for lots of scoring or none at all depending on your preference, you watch the Redwings every other day, you watch the Lions every Sunday and you pray Albert Pujols signs with the Florida Marlins.

Detroit 2012.

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