Delmon Young, Brandon Inge Shape a New Tiger Lineup

I don’t usually like to speculate because speculating usually leaves you feeling stupid. Delmon Young’s arrest for example; Delmon Young speculated that drinking wouldn’t lead to trouble, since it had never lead to trouble before. Today, I’m sure that drinking seems like a very bad idea to Young – not only do you have to worry about not getting behind a wheel, you have to worry about causing trouble with strangers.

Anyway, you guys can go to TMZ for this news, I just blog about the Tigers team and if Delmon Young continues to play for the Tigers I will write about Delmon Young and if Delmon Young no longer plays for the Tigers I will not write about Delmon Young.

Currently, Delmon Young does not play for the Tigers, because he is dealing with this stuff. He may play for the Tigers tomorrow, he may play for the Tigers next week. We don’t know that, but we do know that right now, he is not in the Tigers lineup.

Brandon Inge no longer plays for the Tigers. Unlike Delmon Young, Brandon Inge has no chance of playing for the Tigers ever again, since he was, you know, released.

This has lead to a lineup shakeup, hey, that rhymed and has lead to Jim Leyland saying many funny things, including the words:

“I’m going to run Raburn out there and see if he can be the second baseman and use [Ramon Santiago] at short and second from time to time,” manager Jim Leyland said. “I’m going to run Raburn out there for a few days in a row.”

Leyland also said that he’s going to make Brad Eldred the regular designated hitter.

“We’re going to have a regular DH for a while,” Leyland said. “How long that’s going to go on, I have no idea.”

Until Eldred no longer can hit, I suppose

So, this is how I would write a lineup. If Leyland says that Raburn is playing second every day, there’s no platoon situation in LF either. Fine, if you’re going to eliminate possibilities then so be it!

Austin Jackson, CF RHB

Andy Dirks, LF LHB

Miguel Cabrera, 3B RHB

Prince Fielder, 1B LHB

Jhonny Peralta, SS RHB

Alex Avila, C LHB

Brad Eldred, DH RHB

Brennan Boesch, RF, LHB

Ryan Raburn, 2B, RHB

What it’ll probably look like:










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