Game 20: Detroit (10-9) @ New York (10-8), 7:05pm, Delmon Young Not in the Lineup

Posting this early as I may get busy a little later, but Delmon Young is not in the lineup tonight. Neither is Andy Dirks but I assume that for some reason they feel he can assist off the bench, like Don Kelly is supposed to.

Wait. Don Kelly is batting fifth?

Tigers (J. Verlander – R) @ Yankees (I. Nova – R)



Now, I would imagine that Dirks is off because Eldred is now the everyday DH and Dirks probably isn’t ready to play the field due to his hamstring issue.

  • Elijah

    huh, sounds like Delmon’s getting an off day…good for him.

  • Mick

    Jim needs to be fired. Terrible manager. 

    • Tigersnorth

      I’m starting to see things this way, Mick. Leyland has the talent on this team to take it all the way to the top! It’s kind of like baking an awesome pizza, you can have all the right ingredients, but without an oven and an oven at the right temperature the pizza won’t come up right. The Tigers have all the ingredients! Leyland is the oven! He sets the lineup, the attitude of the team, what goes and what doesn’t, and the overall temperature of the team! The ‘ole man is colder than an ice cube right now! He cannot get a rise out of these guys, they don’t seem to be motivated, they do what they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want. Hence, Delmon Young and Cabrera a couple of years ago (1st offense). I thought they had curfews? Leyland has no control over these guys! 

      • Derek

        You guys both sound like my baseball incompentent minded friend. So the Tigers lost 4 games in a role. Big Whoop its April. You cant tell me its Leylands fault that Delmon Young decided to be an idiot. The guy is an adult I think by this time he can probably make his own decisions. The Tigers speedbump is not Leylands fault the fact is they just arent playing very good baseball and are getting beat.

        • Josh Worn

           Thank god you said that, I was afraid I’d have to

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