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From Game 7, 04/13/2012

On Friday’s Chicago White Sox Home Opener, the Tigers were down one run in the bottom of the eighth inning. The southsider’s Alejandro De Aza led off the inning against Daniel Schlereth and took a 3-1 pitch deep to left field.

The play was initially ruled a triple by the official scorer and, well, if you watch this wonderful GIF below the break, you can see why the league reviewed the play and announced today that they have officially changed the triple to a three base error courtesy of…Delmon Young.

From Jason Beck of MLB.com:

After a review from MLB executive VP of baseball operations Joe Torre, Alejandro De Aza’s eighth-inning triple from Friday’s game has been changed to a three-base error charged to Delmon Young. The announcement came in Tuesday’s White Sox game notes and was also reported by Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Gonzales…

The process of appealing scoring decisions changed under the new collective bargaining agreement. Teams and players no longer ask the official scorer to reconsider a decision. It now goes through Major League Baseball.

As a blogger firmly entrenched in the belief that Delmon Young should not be allowed to look at a baseball glove, much less put one on, I am more than okay with this decision.

The fact that the two runs that followed in the inning are now unearned runs and therefore not charged to Daniel Schlereth’s ERA further enforce the notion that ERA is a useless statistic as he pitched horribly that game (not to mention the game after – but that’s another issue for another time as Schlereth cannot be solely blamed for his middling performances).

You’ll have to excuse me now, I need to prepare for one of these newfangled “PODcasts” that people are doing and want to hear my opinion on the Tigers and such.

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