Please Stop Listening to Jahvid Best’s Critics

Technically, the stats are against my argument on this (3.7 rushing ypc, 8.9 ypc receiving for his career), but hear me out.

I have always felt that Best is a volcano waiting to erupt. Last week against the Bears was a small reward for being patient although I don’t think he’s going to be a 100 yard back every week, or even every other week. No, Best is a different kind of running back, one who is perfect for the Lions.

I think it’s quite obvious and I’m not sure why I am even making this point but he is a receiving back in a receiving offense (for example, including today’s game, he has 288 yards receiving this year on 26 receptions).

But my point is, I keep hearing critics suggest he is not a key piece in the Lions future (and on a lesser note, not an impact in the fantasy game, which for our purposes here is the same thing) and I can’t disagree more.

Jahvid Best is VITAL to the Lions future. He, along with Mikel Leshoure are going to be a dynamic 1/2 punch next year.

But this isn’t a RA RA post, it’s simply a thought, Jahvid Best is passing the look test for me this year, pure and simple, and I’m really happy about that.

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