Ramon Santiago proves to be the Tigers MVP

Thanks to the report from Buster Olney of ESPN, not any of the local Tigers beat writers, we now know that Miguel Cabrera has a small fracture under his right eye and needed eight stitches. He is expected to be out at least a week, but should be ready for the season opener against Boston. The injury, of course, is bad, but the news that his eye was protected by sunglasses leads us to a truth we can’t ignore.

Ramon Santiago is obviously the most valuable person on this team.


See, God may be responsible for many things but it was really Ramon Santiago who was wise enough to forsee the potential dangers of the hot corner.

I bet Brandon Inge told him to take ‘em off. Yeah, I bet he did….

  • Jason

    I don’t recall Inge ever wearing sunglasses in the field…so I’ll just assume that Santiago doesn’t like Brandon either. +1 MVP vote

  • Chet

    Why would Cabrera not have sunglasses? It’s not like he’s never played third before?

  • marc723

    I think he traditionally wears just eye black, but I’ve seen plenty of games at first where he’s sported Oakleys on sunny day games. Weird.

    But yeah, Santiago FTW

  • KalineCountry

    God Bless Little Buddy, his suggestion to Cabrera might have saved the season.

  • walkoffwoodward


  • Chris_ing

    sheer idiocy

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