Checking in on the Rest of the AL Central: Chicago White Sox

For whatever reason, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of how the Tigers’ division rivals are doing in the spring. Maybe it’s because the games don’t “count” yet, or maybe it’s a geography thing. After all, the White Sox, Indians, and Royals all train in Arizona, and while the Twins are in Florida, they’re so far away that the Tigers rarely play them in spring training. At any rate, the Tigers may be the favorite to win the division, but it’s still a good idea to keep tabs on what’s going on with the rest of the AL Central. Over the next few days to weeks, I’ll be giving a rundown of the headlines surrounding the various teams, and today I start with the Chicago White Sox (insert disclaimer about small sample size here).

  • Who’s hot: Brent Morel (.500 AVG), Alexi Ramirez (.400 AVG), Gordon Beckham (.353 AVG), Hector Santiago (0.00 ERA in 5.0 IP), Anthony Carter (2.25 ERA in 4.0 IP)
  • Who’s not: Alex Rios (.214 AVG), AJ Pierzynski (.167 AVG), Paul Konerko (.083 AVG), John Danks (7.20 ERA in 5.0 IP), Jake Peavy (18.69 ERA in 4.1 IP)
  • Adam Dunn? He’s doing…okay, actually. He’s at a .273 average with one home run, and his on-base percentage is a very respectable .467 thanks to four walks. And he’s only struck out once. Of course, it’s still early, but I’m inclined to believe he’ll bounce back at least somewhat this year, mostly because after last season, he’s got nowhere to go but up.
  • John Danks is apparently slated to be the Opening Day starter for the White Sox, but he’s been having control problems in spring training, racking up several walks.
  • Jake Peavy is also having issues and got shelled in his last start.
  • Those Gavin Floyd trade rumors just won’t die.
  • As I noted, Paul Konerko’s been struggling this spring. However, he’s also been dealing with knee and ankle injuries which have apparently resulted from fouling balls off his leg. At the suggestion of Gordon Beckham, he’s trying a custom-made shin guard.
  • The White Sox have two open spots in their bullpen, and it looks like left-hander Hector Santiago is making a strong case to claim one of those spots. Other contenders include Brian Bruney, Eric Stults, and Gregory Infante (no relation to Omar as far as I can tell, although both of them are from Venezuela).
  • After an attempt at being the White Sox closer last year (which didn’t go well), Chris Sale is moving to the White Sox rotation.
  • New manager Robin Ventura seems to have become pretty popular with his players (although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece about a new manager for any team that suggests he and the players are NOT getting along). And he’s gotten the blessing of every Tiger fan’s least favorite broadcaster, Hawk Harrelson (I’ll leave that up to you to decide whether you would want his endorsement or not).
  • This doesn’t really affect the White Sox in terms of how they’ll do this year, but it still sounds painful. Brandon Short, one of their outfield prospects, crashed into the wall chasing down a deep fly ball in a game and ended up with a dislocated shoulder and torn labrum. He needs surgery and will be out for the season.
  • Brent Lillibridge (a utility player who seemed to be quite a thorn in the Tigers’ side over the past couple years) hopes to play all nine positions in a game sometime this year. This feat was last accomplished in the major leagues by then-Tiger Shane Halter twelve years ago, although it has been done at least once since then in the minor leagues (fan favorite Mike Hessman was given the honor in a Mud Hens game in late 2009).

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